Daily Lessons for Teaching One Child

Torey Hayden
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)



The students will be able to explain how the author achieves his purpose.


Possible Activities:

• Using the information Torey shares in the prologue, have the students identify how the author of this novel has been successful at laying the appropriate ground work for the reader to understand what is to come in the rest of the novel.

• Discuss how Torey's view of the children she teaches may be significantly different than how most of society views these same students.

• Have the students discuss what the author's purpose might sharing her specific views of the students she works with before introducing the characters.


Have the students write a paragraph describing the author's purpose doing the type of work she does


Have the students write a paragraph describing the process a reader must engage in to determine the author's purpose for writing a novel...

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