Objects & Places from One Came Home

Amy Timberlake
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These objects symbolize freedom and are often seen floating throughout the story.


These creatures symbolize the freedom to travel, to make choices and choose one's own destiny.


Symbols of both education and freedom, these objects are held in high regard by some characters and are seen as useless by others.

Agatha's Ball Gown

Passed from one hopeful young woman to another, this object symbolizes hope for love and a new life as well as the grief of lost love.

"The Prairie Traveller"

Filled with useful information that is later destroyed, this object is a vital instrument in finding one's own path.


This object represents protection, defense and empowerment for all its owners.


Initially a symbol of death, this object is shot out of its owner's hand.


A symbol of communication, these objects provide a link to home.


This essential symbol has...

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