Daily Lessons for Teaching One Came Home

Amy Timberlake
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Lesson 1 (from Sisters (Chapters 1-5))


Schema can be defined as the knowledge and experience students already have that helps prepare them to understand new material. Since "One Came Home" is set more than a century ago, this lesson will focus on building prior knowledge of 19th century life, particularly as related to Wisconsin in the 1870s.


1. Provide students will pictures of Wisconsin in the 1870s. (Photographer H.H. Bennett took several photos of Wisconsin during that era.) Ask students to study the pictures and discuss how daily life appeared to be different from today.

2. On a board or chart tablet, create two columns labeled "19th century" and "21st century". Have students list the differences between transportation, communication, clothing, manufacturing, retail, infrastructure, government, and any other detail they can pull from the photographs.

3. Have students write a reflection on how they feel the social structure of the 19th century might differ...

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