One Came Home Fun Activities

Amy Timberlake
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Gold Rush

Georgie’s Pa disappeared ten years prior to the start of the novel to search for gold in Colorado. Research the Colorado Gold Rush of 1859 and create a pamphlet advertising the riches that can be found. Make sure to include a list of all the things a prospector would need for the trip.

Preserve the Pigeon

Research the Passenger Pigeon and why it no longer exists. Make a plan of preservation for 1871. What steps could have been taken to prevent the Passenger Pigeon's demise? Plans may be presented in either written or Powerpoint form.

Pew Pew

Georgie is extremely young for a sharpshooter. Research riflery as a sport. Who is the youngest Olympian to have won a gold medal in the sport? Present a presentation in either written or powerpoint form.

Pew Pew II

With ADMINISTRATIVE PERMISSION, set up targets and create "footballs" by folding a...

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