One Came Home Character Descriptions

Amy Timberlake
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Georgie Burkhardt

This character is a 13-year-old girl who narrates her quest to find her sister.

Agatha Burkhardt

This character is believed to be dead.

Billy McCabe

The son of the local sheriff, this character is hired to join the search for a young woman who has disappeared.

Benjamin Olmstead

This character loves books, and is distraught to learn that his ex-fiance has been presumed dead.

Grandfather Bolte

This character is the best tracker around and believes that college is a waste of money for young ladies.

Dora Burkhardt

This character was been a single parent for ten years before her eldest daughter disappeared.

Sheriff McCabe

This character is the local law enforcement for Placid, Wisconsin and the surrounding area.

Mr. Garrow

This character is a disreputable farmer who possesses a cruel, mean-spirited nature.

Darlene Garrow

This daughter of a ill-mannered farmer plans to elope.

Roy (Bowler Hat)


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