One Came Home Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Amy Timberlake
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Sisters (Chapters 1-5)

Georgie stands over her sister’s grave in disbelief. Agatha can’t be dead! Sheriff McCabe had pursued Agatha all the way to Dog Hollow after she had left home with a group of pigeoners, but all he found was a badly decomposed body that could only be identified by the remnants of a blue-green ball gown that Ma had made for Agatha. Gerogie had begged Grandfather Bolte to search for Agatha. After all, her grandfather was the best tracker around, but everyone, including Georgie’s Ma, agreed that the body must be Agatha’s.

The funeral is unbearable for Gerogie. Grandfather Bolte, sensing her discomfort, loosens the tight neck of her borrowed black dress. His compassion does little to ease her frustration. Gerogie notes how 19-year-old Billy McCabe and 35-year-old Benjamin Olmsead, both former beaus of Agatha’s, are being civil to each other...

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