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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what is this person struggling?
(a) To control his thoughts.
(b) To control his excitement.
(c) To control her nervous energy.
(d) To control her anger.

2. Of the main characters, who is the worrier?
(a) George Lewis.
(b) May Daniels.
(c) Jerry Hyland.
(d) Al Jolson.

3. What does this person that May encounters offer to do?
(a) Be their first student.
(b) Work as a teacher.
(c) Not keep them from their plans.
(d) Help promote it .

4. How are those people watching the parade treated by those in the parade?
(a) They are chased by the animals in the parade.
(b) They are greeted by friendly celebrities.
(c) They are treated like celebrities.
(d) They are more often than not rebuffed by the silent celebrities.

5. Why does Glogauer agree to the diction school?
(a) He wants actors and actresses who speak well.
(b) So that he can take the lead by training his actors and actresses.
(c) So he can send them to the Schlepkin brothers.
(d) He wants to practice his own diction.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who announces that Mr. Glogauer's presence is requested?

2. As what do these people work in this building?

3. Of what does the trio have another?

4. How does George compare to the fast talking May, Jerry, and Helen?

5. What has Jerry bought for the trio?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Mary and Jerry discuss, regarding George?

2. How do May and George feel about Jerry's good news?

3. Who is sitting and waiting in the beginning of the scene?

4. What has happened to George?

5. How do they feel about the trip?

6. Describe George at this point in the play.

7. Describe Jerry.

8. Describe George in the conversation between May, Jerry, and the person they encounter.

9. What does May receive from George?

10. How does Glogauer react upon the completion of filming?

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