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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is ironic about how she gets where she is going?
(a) It is the bus she takes every day.
(b) It is the same Pullman car that brought her to California.
(c) It is the same car her father drives.
(d) It is the same plane she took to California.

2. What is Glogauer settling in to watch?
(a) A rough edited version of his movie.
(b) The filming of the first scene.
(c) The filming of the entire movie.
(d) The filming of the last scene.

3. What has Lawrence Vail, a playwright, been waiting for days to do?
(a) Go to sleep.
(b) Leave for New York.
(c) To see Mr. Glogauer.
(d) Write a play.

4. How is Susan dressed?
(a) Like a secretary.
(b) Like a flapper.
(c) Like a bride.
(d) Like a cow girl.

5. From where is the script for this movie?
(a) A New York play.
(b) The Schlepkin brothers.
(c) An unsuccessful film.
(d) A new Al Jolson movie.

6. What is somewhat sad about this trip?
(a) It had not been that long ago that they had been headed to California full of hope.
(b) It is her last trip home.
(c) It was only yesterday that she made the same trip.
(d) It is the first trip she has ever been on.

7. Why does Glogauer not want Susan to play the role of the country girl?
(a) She is not intelligent enough.
(b) She is not pretty enough.
(c) He wants an established star.
(d) He wants a girl who is somewhat scandalous.

8. How is the picture finishing?
(a) Ahead of schedule and under budget.
(b) Behind schedule and under budget.
(c) Ahead of schedule and over budget.
(d) Behind schedule and over budget.

9. Where is this scene set?
(a) In the Glogauer Studios reception area.
(b) The Hotel Stilton.
(c) New York.
(d) A train.

10. What is Susan Walker about to do at the beginning of this scene?
(a) Shoot the last scene.
(b) Shoot the first scene.
(c) Have her acting debut.
(d) Leave the set.

11. What is unique about where this person has been?
(a) It caters only to playwrights.
(b) It is filled with celebrities.
(c) It is surrounded by mountains and the ocean.
(d) It has the tallest buildings.

12. How is George feeling?
(a) Content.
(b) Sad.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Triumphant.

13. How does May know this person?
(a) The two went to school together.
(b) She has seen him every day she rides the bus.
(c) She is the woman who drives May around town.
(d) She had met him previously.

14. Susan is beautiful but ____________.
(a) Not at all bright.
(b) Angry.
(c) Intelligent.
(d) Shy.

15. What does Glogauer recognize in George, after hearing George's speech?
(a) Greed.
(b) Insight and courage.
(c) Stupidity.
(d) Desire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Should May feel this way regarding George? Why?

2. What do May and Jerry discuss regarding George's first film effort?

3. Who does May recognize on this trip?

4. Why does May feel this way?

5. How does Glogauer feel when he makes his discovery regarding the scene?

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