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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the trio feel about this person's offer?
(a) They do not like it.
(b) They are not sure about it.
(c) They like it.
(d) They do not understand it.

2. How are those people watching the parade treated by those in the parade?
(a) They are more often than not rebuffed by the silent celebrities.
(b) They are treated like celebrities.
(c) They are chased by the animals in the parade.
(d) They are greeted by friendly celebrities.

3. Why is this decision to leave made, according to Jerry?
(a) He is tired of New York City.
(b) He wants to be on Broadway.
(c) They could be successful in Chicago.
(d) They can earn a great deal of money.

(a) A silent film.
(b) A successful talkie.
(c) A live production.
(d) A ballet.

5. What do George and his new acquaintance form?
(a) A fast friendship.
(b) An acting studio.
(c) A mutual hatred.
(d) A social club.

6. How did this decision to leave come about?
(a) After meeting Al Jolson for dinner.
(b) After hearing success stories from other vaudevillians.
(c) After learning about the work available in Chicago.
(d) After watching Al Jolson.

7. On what will they capitalize, if they take this advice and create a new job for the trio?
(a) The need for Hollywood directors.
(b) The historic value of the theatre.
(c) The conversion of silent movie stars to the new medium of talkies.
(d) The need for vaudeville shows around the country.

8. What sends Glogauer into fits?
(a) Seeing the trio.
(b) The fish he eats, to which he is allergic.
(c) His new medication.
(d) The mention of the Schlepkin name.

9. What else will the person May encounters do for them?
(a) Buy them dinner.
(b) Introduce them to a studio head.
(c) Find them a place to live.
(d) Pay for their train tickets.

10. Why do they work these jobs in this building?
(a) To see shows for free.
(b) In the hopes of being discovered by some movie industry executive.
(c) In the hopes of creating a popular movie.
(d) To earn a large income.

11. What is fortunate for May, regarding this person she encounters?
(a) Helen is in a good mood.
(b) The police officer likes her.
(c) Her cousin is kind.
(d) Helen remembers her fondly.

12. How do they feel at first about Jerry's news?
(a) Angry.
(b) Worried.
(c) Agitated.
(d) Somewhat surprised.

13. What are the Schlepkin brothers to Glogauer?
(a) His relatives.
(b) The stones in his shoe.
(c) His close friends.
(d) An embarrassment.

14. What kind of play is ONCE IN A LIFETIME?
(a) A morbid play.
(b) A tragedy.
(c) A lighthearted play.
(d) A work of nonfiction.

15. When does Helen's obsequious behavior come into play?
(a) When Mr. Glogauer leaves.
(b) When the Schlepkin brothers arrive.
(c) When the trio arrives.
(d) When Mr. Glogauer arrives.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is George happily doing as this scene opens?

2. Where is George's new acquaintance headed?

3. What has Jerry done to the trio's act?

4. What does this parade set off?

5. Who requests Mr. Glogauer's presence?

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