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Act 1, Scene 1

• ONCE IN A LIFETIME is a lighthearted play about some New York stage performers who head to Hollywood to make their fortune at the onset of talking pictures.

• The three primary characters are May, Jerry, and George.

• The first scene opens in a two-bit hotel room, where George is happily thumbing through a copy of Variety magazine and is rudely interrupted by May, a high energy worrywart.

• May is anxious for their other partner, Jerry, to return with news of a sorely needed job for the trio.

• Jerry's good news is not quite what May and George are expecting.

• Instead of landing a contract, Jerry has sold the vaudeville act, so the three of them can go to Hollywood; a decision he made after watching Al Jolson in THE JAZZ SINGER this afternoon.

• There is a fortune to be made with the advent of this new...

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