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Short Answer Questions

1. How long did the nuclear war last in the Northern hemisphere?

2. How did the war escalate?

3. What does Peter instruct Mary how to do if he is not back when the radiation hits?

4. How does Dwight want to think about people in the Northern hemisphere?

5. Why does Dwight think forty percent of his crew will not return to the Scorpion?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the reason Sir Froude is drinking wine against his doctor's orders?

2. What does Moira learn about Dwight while touring the submarine?

3. How does being in the submarine compare to racing the Ferrari to John?

4. What is the consensus about which countries actually started the war?

5. What is Dwight's condition when he arrives at the Davidson house?

6. Describe briefly what the story is about.

7. What does Lt. Sunderstrom do before shutting down the communications center at the Naval Base at Elliott Bay.

8. Tell what is known about the global nuclear war.

9. What is the understanding between Dwight and Moira that is verbalized on their fishing trip?

10. How has the war simplified life in Australia to a large extent?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on the possibility of the same world-wide destruction of all life on the planet could ever really happen. In your essay include the fact that today, just as Shute predicted, small radical nations now have nuclear capability. What is the danger of everything going too far when split second decisions have to be made about using the nuclear arsenal.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about the pointlessness of using alcohol or drugs to avoid facing realities. Mention how people in the novel first started having boisterous parties with lots of alcohol consumption but later realized that it was not helping to solve the problem. Turn you essay to people who attempt to use mind altering substances as a way of dealing with problems of a much smaller scale than the extreme problem of ON THE BEACH.

Essay Topic 3

Write a critique of Nevil Shute's ON THE BEACH. Evaluate Shute as a story teller and how well he holds the attention of the reader. Also evaluate the importance of the subject matter and whether it contributes a good message to the world. Mention the parts you think are strongest and weakest in the book. Conclude with a recommendation as to who would most benefit from reading the novel.

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