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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a radiation reading of thirty in the red mean?
(a) lethal within one or two hours exposure
(b) safe to be in for a week
(c) lethal immediately upon exposure
(d) not high enough to be immediately lethal

2. Where are the most southerly cases now, according to John's update?
(a) Kuala Lampur, Shanghai, and Panama city
(b) Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Auckland
(c) Patagonia, Tahiti, and Madagascar
(d) Sierra Leon, Rio, and Manilla

3. What does the USS Scorpion discover looking at San Francisco?
(a) an aircraft carrier run aground
(b) the Golden Gate Bridge is down
(c) the trolleys are still running
(d) the radiation is low

4. Although Mary begins to understand, what does she continue to do?
(a) drinking a lot
(b) things that will be needed next year
(c) raging at Peter
(d) digging up the garden to burn

5. How long do they estimate Swain will live?
(a) about two weeks
(b) about a month
(c) about three days
(d) about three hours

Short Answer Questions

1. How does John keep his fear under control while on the submarine?

2. How does Lt. Sunderstrom go ashore at Elliott Bay?

3. Why is the news on the radio not accurate, according to John?

4. What does John Osbourne tell Dwight?

5. What living thing will outlast people by about a year?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does baby Jennifer give Mary a fright?

2. What is the understanding between Dwight and Moira that is verbalized on their fishing trip?

3. Why is Dwight upset over a painting at the National Gallery?

4. What has Moira managed to locate that makes Dwight happy enough to drift off to sleep?

5. Explain what prevents Dwight from going fishing for trout before September 1st.

6. What does John Osbourne tell Peter when he asks about how much more time they have?

7. How does Mary put out of her mind that Sydney and Adelaide now have the radiation sickness?

8. What is Mary's initial reaction to the suicide pills and syringe?

9. What does Lt. Sunderstrom do before shutting down the communications center at the Naval Base at Elliott Bay.

10. How is Moira changing from thinking planting plants for the next year is a silly waste of time?

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