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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do they figure will go before Melbourne?
(a) India
(b) Uraguay
(c) Africa and South America
(d) the Maldives

2. What does the USS Scorpion find when it emerges near Queensland?
(a) an abandoned ferry
(b) a rubber raft
(c) a derelict tanker
(d) a fishing boat

3. Why does Osbourne say that perhaps people did not deserve the world?
(a) the animals have more sense
(b) we have been too silly
(c) we deserve something better
(d) the world has too much to offer

4. What social gathering have Peter and Mary just hosted as the story opens?
(a) a family reunion
(b) a sock hop
(c) a formal dinner
(d) a barbecue

5. Why is there a shortage of fuel?
(a) only the military has access to reserves
(b) the reserves have all been contaminated
(c) it all used to come from the Northern hemisphere
(d) the oil pipelines were all blown up

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens that night at Peter's and Mary's house?

2. What does Peter instruct Mary how to do if he is not back when the radiation hits?

3. For how long did the Russians and Chinese figure nuclear bombs would render land uninhabitable?

4. What does Mary do to protect the baby from the measles?

5. Why does Peter not take the car to Melbourne?

Short Essay Questions

1. Tell what is known about the global nuclear war.

2. How does the story begin?

3. What is the problem with Moira's ability to understand what has happened in the world?

4. What is Dwight's experience in church the weekend he spends with Peter and Mary?

5. How is Moira Davidson dealing with the eminent threat of death by radiation?

6. Describe Moira's attitude toward life.

7. What does it mean that the people had all died tidily?

8. What is of special interest about the radio signals coming from around Seattle?

9. Describe what the USS Scorpion crew sees everywhere they go.

10. What is the consensus about which countries actually started the war?

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