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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the only sign of life at Queensland?
(a) a rabbit
(b) a dog
(c) a kangaroo
(d) a camel

2. What does the USS Scorpion find when it emerges near Queensland?
(a) a fishing boat
(b) a rubber raft
(c) a derelict tanker
(d) an abandoned ferry

3. In Australia, what do they figure will go a little before Sydney?
(a) Tasmania
(b) Perth
(c) Melbourne
(d) Cape Town

4. How long does the USS Swordfish report being submerged that might be a record?
(a) six months
(b) three weeks
(c) thirty-two days
(d) forty days

5. When is the radiation expected to reach Australia?
(a) next year
(b) next June or July
(c) next September
(d) next week

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is in command on the USS Scorpion?

2. What is John Osbourne's estimate of how long they have to live?

3. How is it recorded that the people died?

4. What have Peter and Mary learned to do because of the shortages?

5. With whom do Peter and Dwight meet in Melbourne?

Short Essay Questions

1. How had Dwight been warned of the possibility of the war?

2. Why have people grown accustomed to the radiation coming their way and just go about their regular business?

3. How has the war simplified life in Australia to a large extent?

4. What does John Osbourne estimate was the size of the nuclear war that was fought?

5. What is the reason Sir Froude is drinking wine against his doctor's orders?

6. What is notable about Mary's plans for her garden?

7. Explain Moira's answer that she will face the facts of life next September.

8. Describe briefly what the story is about.

9. How does Shute explain the proliferation of atomic weapons?

10. Describe Moira's attitude toward life.

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