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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are strange radio signals coming from?
(a) Honolulu
(b) San Francisco
(c) Seattle
(d) Montevideo

2. What are Peter and Mary doing now?
(a) going to the mountains to ski
(b) planning on having another baby
(c) digging a radiation shelter
(d) laying out flower beds for spring

3. What does the USS Scorpion discover looking at San Francisco?
(a) the radiation is low
(b) the Golden Gate Bridge is down
(c) the trolleys are still running
(d) an aircraft carrier run aground

4. What amenity is given to Dwight?
(a) a second liaison officer
(b) a Navy car and driver
(c) a suite at a 4-star hotel
(d) unlimited use of the OC

5. Why does Swain not take the gun offered him?
(a) he says he will drown himself
(b) he doesn't think he will die
(c) he wants to go like his family
(d) he has one of his own

6. Although Mary begins to understand, what does she continue to do?
(a) things that will be needed next year
(b) digging up the garden to burn
(c) raging at Peter
(d) drinking a lot

7. What objects does Dwight hold onto to maintain his ties to his family?
(a) a music box and a boomerang
(b) a bracelet and a fishing rod
(c) photographs and letters
(d) a pogo stick and a fishing rod

8. Meanwhile, what is John Osbourne doing?
(a) racing his Ferrari
(b) repairing his Ferrari
(c) looking for a new race car
(d) courting Moira

9. What does he look for as a gift for his daughter?
(a) a set of puzzles
(b) a doll house
(c) an Australian doll
(d) a pogo stick

10. What special fuel does John need for his Ferrari?
(a) ether-alcohol mixture
(b) unleaded fuel
(c) diesel fuel
(d) aviation fuel

11. After the Pastoral Club, what do John and Peter have?
(a) a serious discussion about life and death
(b) scones and English tea
(c) another round of drinks at the hotel
(d) a wild and dangerous ride in the Ferrari

12. How does Peter explain the need for her to know about the pills?
(a) he says he might not return
(b) he says she needs to know what others are doing
(c) he says he might get too sick to administer them
(d) he says it is easier than radiation sickness

13. How does Mary react to the pills?
(a) she is grateful to have them
(b) she does not understand what they are for
(c) she is horrified and will not speak to Peter
(d) she takes one immediately

14. How does John Osbourne finish in the first race of the Grand Prix?
(a) second because of a blown tire
(b) in first place by a mile
(c) second but with a damaged car
(d) last and out of the competition

15. What does Moira decide to do while Dwight is at sea?
(a) look for the pogo stick he could not find
(b) go racing with John Osbourne
(c) go stay with Mary and Jennifer
(d) buy him some new socks

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the crew of the Scorpion see Swain?

2. How does John keep his fear under control while on the submarine?

3. What does a radiation reading of thirty in the red mean?

4. When Moira and Dwight meet next, what does she tell him?

5. What does Dwight order the captain of the USS Swordfish to do with his submarine?

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