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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Although Mary begins to understand, what does she continue to do?
(a) raging at Peter
(b) drinking a lot
(c) digging up the garden to burn
(d) things that will be needed next year

2. In spite of the news, what are Peter and Mary doing?
(a) riding their bicycles
(b) planning a vacation
(c) discussing narcissus for the garden for next year
(d) taking the baby to the beach

3. Where is Edmonds?
(a) fifteen miles south of Seattle
(b) fifteen miles north of Seattle
(c) inside Seattle
(d) fifteen miles east of Seattle

4. What objects does Dwight hold onto to maintain his ties to his family?
(a) a pogo stick and a fishing rod
(b) a bracelet and a fishing rod
(c) photographs and letters
(d) a music box and a boomerang

5. Why do they conclude that the city around the Naval Yard shows almost no damage?
(a) because of its location
(b) because of a thermal inversion
(c) because of anti-missile defenses
(d) because its location is secret

6. Who is on the motorboat the sub spots?
(a) a dog is in the boat
(b) a dying old man is in the boat
(c) Swain is in the bay fishing
(d) Sunderstrom is in the boat

7. Why do they want to check out the radio signals?
(a) there might be a human behind them
(b) there night be a new source of energy
(c) there might be a break in the fallout
(d) there might be a clue about the war

8. Besides the suicide pills and syringe, what does Peter bring home?
(a) a bouquet of roses
(b) new bicycle tires
(c) a little red wagon
(d) a green playpen

9. Who starts the push to get the fishing season moved back in Australia?
(a) Moira
(b) John
(c) Peter
(d) Dwight

10. Why are there more cars on the road now?
(a) people are no longer saving fuel
(b) the government is giving away fuel
(c) people are trying to kill themselves in car accidents
(d) a new source of fuel is found

11. What does Dwight plan to tell Sharon about Moira?
(a) she did nothing except darn his socks
(b) she is old and ugly but good company
(c) she taught him how to fish
(d) she made it possible for him to remain faithful and sober

12. Where is the radiation sickness by August?
(a) Southern Argentina
(b) South Africa and Uruguay
(c) Cape of Good Hope
(d) Sydney and Adelaide

13. What does Dwight order the captain of the USS Swordfish to do with his submarine?
(a) sink her on the high seas
(b) give her to the Brazilians
(c) put her in dry dock
(d) use her for a shelter

14. How does Mary react to the pills?
(a) she takes one immediately
(b) she is grateful to have them
(c) she does not understand what they are for
(d) she is horrified and will not speak to Peter

15. What special fuel does John need for his Ferrari?
(a) ether-alcohol mixture
(b) unleaded fuel
(c) diesel fuel
(d) aviation fuel

Short Answer Questions

1. What does he look for as a gift for his daughter?

2. Where does the crew of the Scorpion see Swain?

3. Who says about Swain that if it had been him and the fishing was good that day, and it was his last day, he wouldn't come back either?

4. Where does John tell Peter the radiation sickness is now?

5. What does a radiation reading of thirty in the red mean?

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