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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When there is meat at the butcher shop, how much do they have to pay?
(a) nothing if they have no cash
(b) a gallon of fuel per pound
(c) triple normal prices
(d) ten times what it was a year ago

2. What does John Osbourne look forward to after the next submarine trip?
(a) three months of auto racing
(b) asking Moira to marry him
(c) taking a road trip
(d) drinking port with his uncle

3. Besides the suicide pills and syringe, what does Peter bring home?
(a) a green playpen
(b) a little red wagon
(c) a bouquet of roses
(d) new bicycle tires

4. What is John's most recent prognosis for the radiation cloud?
(a) it has slowed down
(b) it looks like it will stop
(c) it appears to be weakening
(d) it seems to be coming a little faster

5. Why do they want to check out the radio signals?
(a) there night be a new source of energy
(b) there might be a break in the fallout
(c) there might be a clue about the war
(d) there might be a human behind them

6. What is the reason Jennifer keeps crying?
(a) she is hungry
(b) she is teething and running a fever
(c) she hates the playpen
(d) she wants to go to the beach

7. Why does Swain not take the gun offered him?
(a) he wants to go like his family
(b) he doesn't think he will die
(c) he says he will drown himself
(d) he has one of his own

8. Why is the news on the radio not accurate, according to John?
(a) they have outdated equipment
(b) they only broadcast rumors
(c) they have no way to get the facts
(d) they are about three days late

9. What does Moira decide to do while Dwight is at sea?
(a) look for the pogo stick he could not find
(b) buy him some new socks
(c) go racing with John Osbourne
(d) go stay with Mary and Jennifer

10. How do Dwight and Moira avoid thinking about the end?
(a) they talk about next year
(b) they talk about the past
(c) they agree not to talk
(d) they drink too much

11. What are Peter and Mary doing now?
(a) planning on having another baby
(b) going to the mountains to ski
(c) laying out flower beds for spring
(d) digging a radiation shelter

12. Where are strange radio signals coming from?
(a) Montevideo
(b) San Francisco
(c) Honolulu
(d) Seattle

13. How does John keep his fear under control while on the submarine?
(a) by concentrating on his work
(b) by drinking brandy
(c) by talking with Peter
(d) by thinking about his Ferrari

14. Why does John want the Grand Prix race moved up to August 10th?
(a) August 17th is John's birthday
(b) August 17th is the shortest day of the year
(c) August 17th is too cold
(d) August 17th may be too late

15. How does Mary react to the pills?
(a) she is grateful to have them
(b) she takes one immediately
(c) she is horrified and will not speak to Peter
(d) she does not understand what they are for

Short Answer Questions

1. In spite of the news, what are Peter and Mary doing?

2. Why do they conclude that the city around the Naval Yard shows almost no damage?

3. What does he look for as a gift for his daughter?

4. What special fuel does John need for his Ferrari?

5. Where are the most southerly cases now, according to John's update?

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