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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After dinner, where do Dwight and Moira go?
(a) the National Gallery
(b) to a hotel room
(c) the nearest bar
(d) back to the Scorpion

2. What is the reason Jennifer keeps crying?
(a) she hates the playpen
(b) she is teething and running a fever
(c) she is hungry
(d) she wants to go to the beach

3. Although Mary begins to understand, what does she continue to do?
(a) drinking a lot
(b) raging at Peter
(c) things that will be needed next year
(d) digging up the garden to burn

4. Who says about Swain that if it had been him and the fishing was good that day, and it was his last day, he wouldn't come back either?
(a) Dwight
(b) Osbourne
(c) Mr. Davidson
(d) Peter

5. What does Sunderstrom find that he cannot take back to the submarine?
(a) copies of Saturday Evening Post
(b) tapes of Buddy Holly
(c) notes written by dying people
(d) bottles of Mountain Dew

6. Where does Dwight want to take the USS Scorpion?
(a) back to the United States
(b) around the world one last time
(c) under the ice at the Antarctic
(d) down to Tasmania

7. By radio message, what does Dwight Towers learn he has now become?
(a) coordinator of Australian Civil Defense
(b) the record holder for staying submerged
(c) a new father
(d) the commanding officer of the U.S. Naval forces in all areas

8. Why does Swain not take the gun offered him?
(a) he has one of his own
(b) he wants to go like his family
(c) he says he will drown himself
(d) he doesn't think he will die

9. What is John's most recent prognosis for the radiation cloud?
(a) it appears to be weakening
(b) it has slowed down
(c) it seems to be coming a little faster
(d) it looks like it will stop

10. Why can Dwight not go trout fishing?
(a) he cannot be that far away from the Scorpion
(b) fishing but the season doesn't start until September 1st
(c) it is too far to the mountain streams
(d) he has no fishing gear

11. Where is Albury that has a suspected case of radiation sickness?
(a) about 200 miles west of Melbourne
(b) about 50 miles north of Melbourne
(c) about 100 miles north of Melbourne
(d) about 200 miles north of Melbourne.

12. Where does John tell Peter the radiation sickness is now?
(a) in Tasmania
(b) in Perth
(c) in Canberra
(d) in Wellington

13. After the Gallery, where does Dwight go?
(a) to the farm with Moira
(b) to see John's Ferreri
(c) back to the Holmes' bungalow
(d) shopping for gifts for his family

14. Besides the suicide pills and syringe, what does Peter bring home?
(a) a green playpen
(b) a little red wagon
(c) a bouquet of roses
(d) new bicycle tires

15. Who starts the push to get the fishing season moved back in Australia?
(a) Dwight
(b) John
(c) Peter
(d) Moira

Short Answer Questions

1. When do Broken Hill and Perth go out because of the radiation?

2. What seems to increase the tolerance to radioactivity, by a few days?

3. Where are the most southerly cases now, according to John's update?

4. How does Lt. Sunderstrom go ashore at Elliott Bay?

5. How does Mary react to the pills?

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