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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long do they estimate Swain will live?
(a) about three hours
(b) about three days
(c) about two weeks
(d) about a month

2. What does the group of dead people in the gazebo look like?
(a) they are trying to hide
(b) they are having a party
(c) they are taking a smoke break
(d) they are unexpectedly surprised

3. What living thing will outlast people by about a year?
(a) koalas
(b) dogs
(c) rabbits
(d) condors

4. In spite of the news, what are Peter and Mary doing?
(a) planning a vacation
(b) riding their bicycles
(c) discussing narcissus for the garden for next year
(d) taking the baby to the beach

5. Where does John tell Peter the radiation sickness is now?
(a) in Canberra
(b) in Wellington
(c) in Tasmania
(d) in Perth

6. Why does Swain not take the gun offered him?
(a) he wants to go like his family
(b) he has one of his own
(c) he doesn't think he will die
(d) he says he will drown himself

7. Who is on the motorboat the sub spots?
(a) Sunderstrom is in the boat
(b) a dog is in the boat
(c) Swain is in the bay fishing
(d) a dying old man is in the boat

8. What disturbs Dwight about one painting?
(a) the woman in the painting looks like Sharon, his wife
(b) it reminds him of his home in Mystic
(c) it is bright, cheerful, and unreal
(d) it looks like New York destroyed by the bombs

9. Where are the most southerly cases now, according to John's update?
(a) Patagonia, Tahiti, and Madagascar
(b) Kuala Lampur, Shanghai, and Panama city
(c) Sierra Leon, Rio, and Manilla
(d) Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Auckland

10. What is Dwight's condition when he arrives at Moira's house?
(a) very depressed
(b) very happy
(c) very ill
(d) very flippant

11. What is Moira's surprise for Dwight?
(a) a new sailboat
(b) a boomerang
(c) a pogo stick
(d) tickets to the opera

12. What does John get from the widow of a driver killed in the race?
(a) a new car
(b) his two trailer
(c) his pit crew
(d) all his tools

13. How does John tell Peter the radiation sickness goes?
(a) slow and painless
(b) like nothing unusual is happening
(c) long and lingering
(d) quickly at the end

14. What do they notice about most of the houses?
(a) damage that looks like a cyclone came through
(b) most roofs blown off of houses
(c) all the paint peeled off the houses
(d) not much damage but no signs of life

15. Who says about Swain that if it had been him and the fishing was good that day, and it was his last day, he wouldn't come back either?
(a) Dwight
(b) Mr. Davidson
(c) Osbourne
(d) Peter

Short Answer Questions

1. What is John's most recent prognosis for the radiation cloud?

2. Who starts the push to get the fishing season moved back in Australia?

3. What does a radiation reading of thirty in the red mean?

4. After dinner, where do Dwight and Moira go?

5. What objects does Dwight hold onto to maintain his ties to his family?

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