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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the pinpoint the location of the Seattle transmission?
(a) at Half Moon Bay
(b) at Santa Maria
(c) at the Columbia River
(d) at Seattle airport

2. What are Peter and Mary doing now?
(a) going to the mountains to ski
(b) laying out flower beds for spring
(c) planning on having another baby
(d) digging a radiation shelter

3. Why does Seaman Swain want to see Edmonds through the periscope?
(a) it is his hometown
(b) it is near his hometown
(c) his girlfriend lives there
(d) he went to college there

4. Where is the radiation sickness by August?
(a) Cape of Good Hope
(b) Southern Argentina
(c) Sydney and Adelaide
(d) South Africa and Uruguay

5. Why do they conclude that the city around the Naval Yard shows almost no damage?
(a) because of anti-missile defenses
(b) because its location is secret
(c) because of its location
(d) because of a thermal inversion

6. What impractical thing does Mary want Peter to buy?
(a) a lawn mower
(b) a fur coat
(c) a light plane
(d) a new boat

7. What does John Osbourne look forward to after the next submarine trip?
(a) taking a road trip
(b) asking Moira to marry him
(c) drinking port with his uncle
(d) three months of auto racing

8. What does the group of dead people in the gazebo look like?
(a) they are taking a smoke break
(b) they are unexpectedly surprised
(c) they are trying to hide
(d) they are having a party

9. How long do they estimate Swain will live?
(a) about two weeks
(b) about three days
(c) about a month
(d) about three hours

10. When there is meat at the butcher shop, how much do they have to pay?
(a) triple normal prices
(b) ten times what it was a year ago
(c) a gallon of fuel per pound
(d) nothing if they have no cash

11. What amenity is given to Dwight?
(a) a suite at a 4-star hotel
(b) a second liaison officer
(c) a Navy car and driver
(d) unlimited use of the OC

12. After the Gallery, where does Dwight go?
(a) back to the Holmes' bungalow
(b) to see John's Ferreri
(c) to the farm with Moira
(d) shopping for gifts for his family

13. What does the USS Scorpion discover looking at San Francisco?
(a) an aircraft carrier run aground
(b) the Golden Gate Bridge is down
(c) the trolleys are still running
(d) the radiation is low

14. What is Dwight's condition when he arrives at Moira's house?
(a) very ill
(b) very flippant
(c) very depressed
(d) very happy

15. What seems to increase the tolerance to radioactivity, by a few days?
(a) chocolate
(b) quinine
(c) exercise
(d) alcohol

Short Answer Questions

1. How does John tell Peter the radiation sickness goes?

2. What does John get from the widow of a driver killed in the race?

3. What does he look for as a gift for his daughter?

4. How does Mary react to the pills?

5. How does Peter explain the need for her to know about the pills?

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