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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the USS Scorpion discover looking at San Francisco?
(a) the trolleys are still running
(b) an aircraft carrier run aground
(c) the radiation is low
(d) the Golden Gate Bridge is down

2. What does Sunderstrom find that he cannot take back to the submarine?
(a) bottles of Mountain Dew
(b) tapes of Buddy Holly
(c) copies of Saturday Evening Post
(d) notes written by dying people

3. Where are strange radio signals coming from?
(a) Seattle
(b) Montevideo
(c) Honolulu
(d) San Francisco

4. Where does the crew of the Scorpion see Swain?
(a) driving a convertible in Edmonds
(b) setting fire to Edmonds
(c) swinging from the flagpole in Edmonds
(d) walking through the streets of Edmonds

5. Where do they think there are no people living?
(a) Antarctica
(b) Papua New Guinea
(c) Tierra del Fuego
(d) Siberia

6. Besides the suicide pills and syringe, what does Peter bring home?
(a) a green playpen
(b) a little red wagon
(c) new bicycle tires
(d) a bouquet of roses

7. What does John Osbourne tell Dwight?
(a) he knows a secret place where no one ever goes
(b) they only give you a ticket and confiscate your fish
(c) the Australian Game and Wildlife is very strict
(d) under the circumstances he should go fishing anyway

8. After dinner, where do Dwight and Moira go?
(a) to a hotel room
(b) the National Gallery
(c) back to the Scorpion
(d) the nearest bar

9. Where are the most southerly cases now, according to John's update?
(a) Patagonia, Tahiti, and Madagascar
(b) Sierra Leon, Rio, and Manilla
(c) Kuala Lampur, Shanghai, and Panama city
(d) Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Auckland

10. What is the source of the mysterious radio signal Sunderstrom is looking for?
(a) a broken casement rolling on a Coke bottle
(b) a bobble-head figure lying on its side
(c) a fallen curtrain rod moved by the wind
(d) a tennis ball rolling around on the desk

11. What is Moira's surprise for Dwight?
(a) tickets to the opera
(b) a new sailboat
(c) a pogo stick
(d) a boomerang

12. What seems to increase the tolerance to radioactivity, by a few days?
(a) exercise
(b) quinine
(c) chocolate
(d) alcohol

13. Where is the radiation sickness by August?
(a) Southern Argentina
(b) Cape of Good Hope
(c) Sydney and Adelaide
(d) South Africa and Uruguay

14. Why is the news on the radio not accurate, according to John?
(a) they are about three days late
(b) they have outdated equipment
(c) they have no way to get the facts
(d) they only broadcast rumors

15. What are Peter and Mary doing now?
(a) digging a radiation shelter
(b) going to the mountains to ski
(c) laying out flower beds for spring
(d) planning on having another baby

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mary react to the pills?

2. When there is meat at the butcher shop, how much do they have to pay?

3. What does John Osbourne look forward to after the next submarine trip?

4. What does Moira decide to do while Dwight is at sea?

5. What does he look for as a gift for his daughter?

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