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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Although radiation has reached Townsville, northern Australia, what is the situation?
(a) medical teams are treating the sick
(b) the winds have shifted back to the north
(c) the cases are all light and survivable
(d) there are still people alive there

2. What does Dwight announce for their next voyage?
(a) looking for underwater places to build a city
(b) sailing completely around the world
(c) looking for inhabitable places in the Arctic
(d) putting a man ashore in protective clothing

3. What has Peter rigged up to carry the baby or groceries?
(a) a little red wagon
(b) a canvas backpack
(c) a two-wheel carriage for the back of his bicycle
(d) a four-wheel buggy

4. What does Dwight tell Moira about a submarine scouting trip up the east coast of America?
(a) there is nothing left alive
(b) the radiation levels are coming down
(c) the ship never returned
(d) the submarine hit a mine and was destroyed

5. What plants does Mary want around the house?
(a) ones that they can eat
(b) ones that will survive not being wateres
(c) ones that will come up fast
(d) ones that take years to mature

6. What are the people of Melbourne doing to cope with the reality of pending death?
(a) pretending the threat does not exist
(b) attending church services
(c) having boisterous, uninhibited and lighthearted parties
(d) having large family reunions

7. How long does Peter say the next trip of the Scorpion will probably take?
(a) about two months
(b) about one year
(c) about six months
(d) about six weeks

8. Why does Moira think going to school is ridiculous?
(a) she is too old to learn
(b) she never liked going to school
(c) there will be no time to use what she learns
(d) there are no jobs anymore

9. What has happened at the outset of the novel?
(a) the people of Melbourne, Australia, hold car races
(b) the USS Scorpion is lost at sea
(c) nuclear destruction of the Northern hemisphere
(d) news media reports a pending nuclear war

10. What does Dwight say is coming in very evenly all around the world?
(a) a rise in air temperature
(b) the measles
(c) the radiation
(d) a lowering of temperature

11. What is John Osbourne's estimate of how long they have to live?
(a) about a decade
(b) about six months
(c) about a year
(d) about three months

12. How does Peter get to town and to the local farmer for milk?
(a) he walks
(b) he rides a pony
(c) he rides a bicycle
(d) he uses roller skates

13. Who do Peter and John meet at the Pastoral Club in Melbourne?
(a) the Vice Admiral of the Australian Navy
(b) Sir Douglas Froude, John's great uncle, a retired Lieutenant General
(c) Moira and Dwight
(d) the Prime Minister

14. Why does Mr. Davidson think people are not migrating south ahead of the radiation?
(a) they do not really believe it is going to happen to them
(b) they have no idea where to go
(c) they think the radiation will weaken quickly
(d) not enough publicity had time to get to everyone

15. Why is the USS Scorpion able to sail in spite of the fuel shortage?
(a) it makes fuel from sea water
(b) it runs on coal
(c) it is nuclear powered
(d) it has large reserve tanks

Short Answer Questions

1. What assignment does Peter receive?

2. Why was the war limited to the Northern hemisphere?

3. What is at the Pastoral Club that Sir Froude wants to help eliminate?

4. Why is John Osbourne assigned to the USS Scorpion?

5. Where do Lt. Commander Peter Holmes of the Royal Australian Navy, his wife Mary, and baby daughter Jennifer live?

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