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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Peter and John meet at the Pastoral Club in Melbourne?
(a) Moira and Dwight
(b) the Prime Minister
(c) Sir Douglas Froude, John's great uncle, a retired Lieutenant General
(d) the Vice Admiral of the Australian Navy

2. What is Peter hoping for?
(a) information about survival
(b) a desk job in Melbourne
(c) release from the Navy
(d) assignment to a ship

3. What does Dwight say is coming in very evenly all around the world?
(a) the measles
(b) a lowering of temperature
(c) a rise in air temperature
(d) the radiation

4. What happens that night at Peter's and Mary's house?
(a) Moira gets drunk and has to be put to bed
(b) Dwight and Moira fall in love
(c) Dwight gets drunk and has to be put to bed
(d) Moira and Dwight have a huge argument

5. What does the USS Scorpion find when it emerges near Queensland?
(a) a derelict tanker
(b) an abandoned ferry
(c) a rubber raft
(d) a fishing boat

6. Why does the USS Swordfish not come to Australia?
(a) its fuel reactor is broken
(b) it is carrying a deadly disease
(c) it got contaminated while not submerged
(d) it has a leak in the hull and connot submerge

7. What social gathering have Peter and Mary just hosted as the story opens?
(a) a barbecue
(b) a family reunion
(c) a formal dinner
(d) a sock hop

8. What does the Prime Minister say they want from Dwight and his crew?
(a) to find some life in the north
(b) to return in good health
(c) to set some new endurance records
(d) to have a detailed report ready

9. How did the war escalate?
(a) no one really knows
(b) when Japan joined the conflict
(c) the nuclear fallout began affecting other countries
(d) other countries seeing a chance to gain territory

10. What does Moira do in Melbourne?
(a) rents an apartment
(b) meets Dwight at a hotel
(c) tours the USS Scorpion
(d) vows to give up drinking

11. What will happen when the radiation covers the Southern hemisphere?
(a) rabbits and dogs will die first
(b) global warming will cause floods
(c) it will be safe to head north
(d) everyone on Earth will be dead

12. Why does Peter not hold out much hope for a naval assignment?
(a) there are too many officers ahead of him
(b) there is not enough fuel to operate ships
(c) there is nothing the ships can do
(d) there are only seven small ships left in the Navy

13. What plants does Mary want around the house?
(a) ones that take years to mature
(b) ones that will survive not being wateres
(c) ones that they can eat
(d) ones that will come up fast

14. How does Dwight want to think about people in the Northern hemisphere?
(a) that they are all headed south
(b) that they have gone underground
(c) that they are all alive
(d) that the war never happened

15. What does Moira tell Dwight her occupation is?
(a) waitress
(b) stenography
(c) farmer
(d) drinking alcohol

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Peter and Mary doing while Dwight and Moira attend church?

2. What is the southernmost major city in the world?

3. How does Dwight react to the country?

4. Why are they quarantined on the Scorpion for a few days?

5. What does Peter do as the sub returns to Melbourne?

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