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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is in command on the USS Scorpion?
(a) Commander Dwight Towers
(b) Captain John Smith
(c) Lieutenant Commander Darrel Towers
(d) Admiral John Osbourne

2. What plants does Mary want around the house?
(a) ones that they can eat
(b) ones that take years to mature
(c) ones that will survive not being wateres
(d) ones that will come up fast

3. What do they figure will go before Melbourne?
(a) the Maldives
(b) Uraguay
(c) India
(d) Africa and South America

4. What does Moira offer to do for Dwight?
(a) to mend his laundry
(b) to massage his back
(c) to polish his shoes
(d) to cook fried checken

5. What is Peter hoping for?
(a) assignment to a ship
(b) information about survival
(c) a desk job in Melbourne
(d) release from the Navy

6. What is John's uncle doing that he had given up for health reasons?
(a) smoking cigars
(b) drinking port
(c) eating cakes
(d) racing cars

7. How is it recorded that the people died?
(a) tidily
(b) grusomely
(c) slowly
(d) messily

8. What is Mary's chief concern at this point?
(a) writing letters to family and friends
(b) the safety of the baby
(c) being prepared for company
(d) keeping the family together

9. How long does Peter say the next trip of the Scorpion will probably take?
(a) about six weeks
(b) about one year
(c) about six months
(d) about two months

10. Who do Peter and John meet at the Pastoral Club in Melbourne?
(a) Sir Douglas Froude, John's great uncle, a retired Lieutenant General
(b) Moira and Dwight
(c) the Prime Minister
(d) the Vice Admiral of the Australian Navy

11. Why does Peter not hold out much hope for a naval assignment?
(a) there is nothing the ships can do
(b) there are too many officers ahead of him
(c) there is not enough fuel to operate ships
(d) there are only seven small ships left in the Navy

12. When is the radiation expected to reach Australia?
(a) next September
(b) next week
(c) next June or July
(d) next year

13. How does Moira's father say he wants to go when the time comes?
(a) taking a suicide pill
(b) out in the meadow with his wife
(c) shoot himself in the head
(d) on the veranda with a drink or in his own bed

14. What is the only sign of life at Queensland?
(a) a dog
(b) a kangaroo
(c) a camel
(d) a rabbit

15. What kind of car does Peter have?
(a) an MG
(b) a Mini-Cooper
(c) a Ferrari
(d) a Morris

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Peter and Mary invite to their house to keep Dwight entertained?

2. What does Osbourne say about the world?

3. What does Mary do to protect the baby from the measles?

4. What is the southernmost major city in the world?

5. In Australia, what do they figure will go a little before Sydney?

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