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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom do Peter and Dwight meet in Melbourne?
(a) the Supreme Allied Commander
(b) the crew of the USS Scorpion
(c) a committee of nervous residents
(d) the Prime Minister

2. Why does Peter not hold out much hope for a naval assignment?
(a) there is not enough fuel to operate ships
(b) there is nothing the ships can do
(c) there are only seven small ships left in the Navy
(d) there are too many officers ahead of him

3. What does Osbourne say about the world?
(a) it will become a vast desert planet like Mars
(b) it will collapse from carbon pollutions
(c) it will go on, there just won't be people
(d) it will disintegrate slowly

4. What does Mary do to protect the baby from the measles?
(a) feeds the baby quinine
(b) forbids Peter to come home
(c) takes the baby to the Davidsons
(d) puts up a mosquito net

5. Why does the USS Swordfish leave Rio for Montevideo?
(a) they need a change of scenery
(b) they think some people are alive in Montevideo
(c) radiation gets too hot in Rio
(d) radiation has not reached Montevideo

6. What happens that night at Peter's and Mary's house?
(a) Moira gets drunk and has to be put to bed
(b) Dwight gets drunk and has to be put to bed
(c) Moira and Dwight have a huge argument
(d) Dwight and Moira fall in love

7. What does Peter instruct Mary how to do if he is not back when the radiation hits?
(a) stay in the house with the doors and windows closed
(b) kill the baby and herself
(c) eat only what they grew in their garden
(d) head south where he will find her

8. What has happened at the outset of the novel?
(a) nuclear destruction of the Northern hemisphere
(b) the USS Scorpion is lost at sea
(c) the people of Melbourne, Australia, hold car races
(d) news media reports a pending nuclear war

9. What does John Osbourne calculate were dropped during the war?
(a) about 4,700 bombs
(b) diplomatic negotiations
(c) warning leaflets
(d) all national loyalties

10. Why are they forbidden to go to Townsville?
(a) the army is going there
(b) there is not enough time to waste there
(c) the people are dying and cannot be helped
(d) there is no docking facility there

11. What are the people of Melbourne doing to cope with the reality of pending death?
(a) having large family reunions
(b) attending church services
(c) having boisterous, uninhibited and lighthearted parties
(d) pretending the threat does not exist

12. How long does Peter say the next trip of the Scorpion will probably take?
(a) about one year
(b) about two months
(c) about six weeks
(d) about six months

13. Why is the USS Scorpion able to sail in spite of the fuel shortage?
(a) it makes fuel from sea water
(b) it runs on coal
(c) it is nuclear powered
(d) it has large reserve tanks

14. What has Peter rigged up to carry the baby or groceries?
(a) a four-wheel buggy
(b) a two-wheel carriage for the back of his bicycle
(c) a canvas backpack
(d) a little red wagon

15. How did the war escalate?
(a) the nuclear fallout began affecting other countries
(b) other countries seeing a chance to gain territory
(c) when Japan joined the conflict
(d) no one really knows

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Peter hoping for?

2. Why does Dwight think forty percent of his crew will not return to the Scorpion?

3. What plants does Mary want around the house?

4. What is at the Pastoral Club that Sir Froude wants to help eliminate?

5. Why does Moira think going to school is ridiculous?

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