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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Moira say about the way people are going on with their lives?
(a) that's the way Australians are
(b) she's not brave enough to do that
(c) no one believes the end will come
(d) keeping busy helps everyone prepare

2. In church on Sunday, what does Dwight think about?
(a) Moira Davidson
(b) what his assignment will be
(c) how lonely he is
(d) his family in the United States

3. How does Moira's father say he wants to go when the time comes?
(a) taking a suicide pill
(b) shoot himself in the head
(c) out in the meadow with his wife
(d) on the veranda with a drink or in his own bed

4. What does Dwight announce for their next voyage?
(a) putting a man ashore in protective clothing
(b) looking for underwater places to build a city
(c) sailing completely around the world
(d) looking for inhabitable places in the Arctic

5. How did the war escalate?
(a) no one really knows
(b) other countries seeing a chance to gain territory
(c) the nuclear fallout began affecting other countries
(d) when Japan joined the conflict

6. What does Peter do as the sub returns to Melbourne?
(a) calls Moira to let her know Dwight is back
(b) resigns his commission
(c) invites Dwight back to his home
(d) goes to by presents for Mary and Jennifer

7. Who do Peter and Mary invite to their house to keep Dwight entertained?
(a) Jennifer Holmes
(b) Caroline Moresby
(c) Mary Paul
(d) Moira Davidson

8. Where does Peter have an appointment?
(a) at the Naval Hospital
(b) at the Navy Department in Melbourne
(c) on the USS Scorpion
(d) with the Mayor of Melbourne

9. What is John's uncle doing that he had given up for health reasons?
(a) drinking port
(b) smoking cigars
(c) eating cakes
(d) racing cars

10. Why are they quarantined on the Scorpion for a few days?
(a) an outbreak of measles
(b) to check thoroughly for contamination
(c) to lower the outside radiation levels
(d) just as a precaution

11. What is headed for the Southern hemisphere?
(a) radiation fallout
(b) planes carrying nuclear bombs
(c) guided missiles from the North
(d) the entire U.S. naval fleet

12. Who is in command on the USS Scorpion?
(a) Admiral John Osbourne
(b) Captain John Smith
(c) Commander Dwight Towers
(d) Lieutenant Commander Darrel Towers

13. What does the USS Scorpion find when it emerges near Queensland?
(a) an abandoned ferry
(b) a derelict tanker
(c) a rubber raft
(d) a fishing boat

14. What have Peter and Mary learned to do because of the shortages?
(a) raise chickens for eggs
(b) knit socks
(c) weave cloth
(d) make their own butter

15. After the trail cruise, who comes to inspect the USS Scorpion?
(a) former general, Sir Douglas Froude
(b) Vice Admiral, Sir David Hartman
(c) the Mayor of Melbourne
(d) the Prime Minister

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Peter not take the car to Melbourne?

2. Why does Moira think going to school is ridiculous?

3. What does Moira tell Dwight her occupation is?

4. Why does Dwight think forty percent of his crew will not return to the Scorpion?

5. How do Moira and Dwight get to know each other better?

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