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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is it recorded that the people died?
(a) messily
(b) grusomely
(c) slowly
(d) tidily

2. What does John Osbourne calculate were dropped during the war?
(a) diplomatic negotiations
(b) warning leaflets
(c) about 4,700 bombs
(d) all national loyalties

3. In Australia, what do they figure will go a little before Sydney?
(a) Tasmania
(b) Melbourne
(c) Cape Town
(d) Perth

4. Why is there a shortage of fuel?
(a) the oil pipelines were all blown up
(b) it all used to come from the Northern hemisphere
(c) the reserves have all been contaminated
(d) only the military has access to reserves

5. How does Dwight react to the country?
(a) it makes him wish for the city
(b) it makes him happy to see the trees again
(c) it makes him wonder if he can do the work
(d) it makes him sad for America

6. Why was the war limited to the Northern hemisphere?
(a) nothing south of the equator was considered important
(b) it happened too fast to move south
(c) that was planned for much later
(d) the southern hemisphere was not a threat to the north

7. Who is in command on the USS Scorpion?
(a) Commander Dwight Towers
(b) Lieutenant Commander Darrel Towers
(c) Captain John Smith
(d) Admiral John Osbourne

8. How do Moira and Dwight get to know each other better?
(a) taking long, silent walks
(b) sleeping in the same bed
(c) swimming in the ocean
(d) going over their personal histories

9. What had the Swordfish done that everyone was talking about?
(a) diffused a nuclear bomb that had not exploded
(b) It pulled into its home port and found no one alive
(c) broken the ice at the South Pole
(d) sunk a Russian nuclear sub

10. Why are they quarantined on the Scorpion for a few days?
(a) just as a precaution
(b) to lower the outside radiation levels
(c) to check thoroughly for contamination
(d) an outbreak of measles

11. Why does the USS Swordfish not come to Australia?
(a) its fuel reactor is broken
(b) it is carrying a deadly disease
(c) it got contaminated while not submerged
(d) it has a leak in the hull and connot submerge

12. What has happened at the outset of the novel?
(a) the USS Scorpion is lost at sea
(b) the people of Melbourne, Australia, hold car races
(c) news media reports a pending nuclear war
(d) nuclear destruction of the Northern hemisphere

13. Where is the USS Swordfish, another nuclear powered submarine?
(a) in the Persian Gulf
(b) off the coast of South America
(c) down in the Antarctic
(d) off the coast of France

14. What does the USS Scorpion find when it emerges near Queensland?
(a) a derelict tanker
(b) an abandoned ferry
(c) a fishing boat
(d) a rubber raft

15. After the war, where was a conference held to assess the situation?
(a) Sydney, Australia
(b) Christ Church, New Zealand
(c) Wellington, New Zealand
(d) Falmouth, Australia

Short Answer Questions

1. What plants does Mary want around the house?

2. With whom do Peter and Dwight meet in Melbourne?

3. How long as it been since Peter had an assignment?

4. What have Peter and Mary learned to do because of the shortages?

5. Why are they forbidden to go to Townsville?

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