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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the war, where was a conference held to assess the situation?
(a) Sydney, Australia
(b) Wellington, New Zealand
(c) Christ Church, New Zealand
(d) Falmouth, Australia

2. What does Peter do as the sub returns to Melbourne?
(a) resigns his commission
(b) invites Dwight back to his home
(c) goes to by presents for Mary and Jennifer
(d) calls Moira to let her know Dwight is back

3. What does Dwight say he plans on doing once he returns to Mystic, Connecticut?
(a) getting a sailboat
(b) opening a shop
(c) writing a book
(d) retiring from the Navy

4. Why does Mr. Davidson think people are not migrating south ahead of the radiation?
(a) they have no idea where to go
(b) they do not really believe it is going to happen to them
(c) they think the radiation will weaken quickly
(d) not enough publicity had time to get to everyone

5. What does Dwight encourage Moira to do?
(a) to go to Alcoholics anonymous
(b) to get a job or go to trade school
(c) to volunteer at a hsopital
(d) to plan their meeting after the next voyage

6. How do Moira and Dwight get to know each other better?
(a) sleeping in the same bed
(b) swimming in the ocean
(c) going over their personal histories
(d) taking long, silent walks

7. Why is John Osbourne assigned to the USS Scorpion?
(a) as communications officer to translate Australian speech
(b) as medical officer to care for injured
(c) as morale officer to entertain the sailors
(d) as science officer to test the levels of radiation

8. After the trail cruise, who comes to inspect the USS Scorpion?
(a) the Prime Minister
(b) Vice Admiral, Sir David Hartman
(c) the Mayor of Melbourne
(d) former general, Sir Douglas Froude

9. How long did the nuclear war last in the Northern hemisphere?
(a) one week
(b) thirty-seven days
(c) six months
(d) one year

10. What does Dwight say is coming in very evenly all around the world?
(a) a lowering of temperature
(b) a rise in air temperature
(c) the measles
(d) the radiation

11. How does Peter get to town and to the local farmer for milk?
(a) he rides a pony
(b) he walks
(c) he rides a bicycle
(d) he uses roller skates

12. Who do Peter and John meet at the Pastoral Club in Melbourne?
(a) the Vice Admiral of the Australian Navy
(b) the Prime Minister
(c) Sir Douglas Froude, John's great uncle, a retired Lieutenant General
(d) Moira and Dwight

13. How long as it been since Peter had an assignment?
(a) a year and a half
(b) a year
(c) seventeen months
(d) seven months

14. What was the final conclusion about who started the war?
(a) large industrial companies
(b) the Israelies and the Arabs
(c) the Chinese and the Russians
(d) the rresponsibles, small nuclear capable countries

15. Why does the USS Swordfish leave Rio for Montevideo?
(a) they think some people are alive in Montevideo
(b) radiation has not reached Montevideo
(c) radiation gets too hot in Rio
(d) they need a change of scenery

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of car does Peter have?

2. Where was Peter stationed when the war started?

3. Where does Peter have an appointment?

4. What does Moira call the submarine trips into the Northern hemisphere?

5. What does Moira's father ask Dwight?

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