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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Peter think he might beat the sickness?
(a) he thinks his illness is not like the others
(b) he thinks he is immune
(c) he thinks he is in great shape
(d) he has a remission

2. What have Peter and Mary learned to do because of the shortages?
(a) knit socks
(b) make their own butter
(c) weave cloth
(d) raise chickens for eggs

3. How long did the nuclear war last in the Northern hemisphere?
(a) six months
(b) one year
(c) thirty-seven days
(d) one week

4. What does Dwight say he plans on doing once he returns to Mystic, Connecticut?
(a) writing a book
(b) retiring from the Navy
(c) opening a shop
(d) getting a sailboat

5. Where does John tell Peter the radiation sickness is now?
(a) in Canberra
(b) in Perth
(c) in Tasmania
(d) in Wellington

Short Answer Questions

1. What becomes apparent during the meeting with the Admiral?

2. What does Dwight tell Peter?

3. Meanwhile, what is John Osbourne doing?

4. Why does Seaman Swain want to see Edmonds through the periscope?

5. What are Dwight and Peter ordered not to do on the upcoming cruise?

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