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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Peter hoping for?
(a) a desk job in Melbourne
(b) release from the Navy
(c) information about survival
(d) assignment to a ship

2. What plants does Mary want around the house?
(a) ones that will come up fast
(b) ones that take years to mature
(c) ones that will survive not being wateres
(d) ones that they can eat

3. What does Moira tell Dwight her occupation is?
(a) drinking alcohol
(b) farmer
(c) waitress
(d) stenography

4. What is the only sign of life at Queensland?
(a) a kangaroo
(b) a dog
(c) a rabbit
(d) a camel

5. What has Peter rigged up to carry the baby or groceries?
(a) a canvas backpack
(b) a four-wheel buggy
(c) a two-wheel carriage for the back of his bicycle
(d) a little red wagon

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Peter have an appointment?

2. Why is John Osbourne assigned to the USS Scorpion?

3. What does Moira do in Melbourne?

4. What is John Osbourne's estimate of how long they have to live?

5. What does Dwight tell Moira he would like to do?

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