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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Moira say about the way people are going on with their lives?
(a) no one believes the end will come
(b) keeping busy helps everyone prepare
(c) that's the way Australians are
(d) she's not brave enough to do that

2. Why does Osbourne say that perhaps people did not deserve the world?
(a) the world has too much to offer
(b) we have been too silly
(c) we deserve something better
(d) the animals have more sense

3. Why does Mr. Davidson think people are not migrating south ahead of the radiation?
(a) not enough publicity had time to get to everyone
(b) they have no idea where to go
(c) they do not really believe it is going to happen to them
(d) they think the radiation will weaken quickly

4. How does Moira's father say he wants to go when the time comes?
(a) shoot himself in the head
(b) taking a suicide pill
(c) on the veranda with a drink or in his own bed
(d) out in the meadow with his wife

5. Why was the war limited to the Northern hemisphere?
(a) that was planned for much later
(b) the southern hemisphere was not a threat to the north
(c) it happened too fast to move south
(d) nothing south of the equator was considered important

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Prime Minister say they want from Dwight and his crew?

2. How long does Peter say the next trip of the Scorpion will probably take?

3. What does Moira do in Melbourne?

4. What does Dwight encourage Moira to do?

5. What does Moira offer to do for Dwight?

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