On the Beach Character Descriptions

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Bill Davidson

Moira's father, an old-fashioned sheep rancher.

Moira Davidson

A friend of Peter and Mary Holmes who copes with her impending death by constant drinking and promiscuity.

Mrs. Davidson

Moira's mother who helps Moira mend Towers' clothes.

Sir Douglas Froude

A former general in the Australian army, he devotes himself to drinking the three thousand bottles of vintage port stored in the cellars of the exclusive Pastoral Club.

Mr. Goldie

The plainspoken pharmacist who describes the symptoms of radiation sickness to Peter Holmes.

Jennifer Holmes

The infant child of Peter and Mary.

Mary Holmes

The English wife of Lieutenant Commander Peter Holmes; she is supportive of her husband's naval career, even though it calls for him to be away from his family as the final days of civilization approach.

Peter Holmes

Lieutenant Commander of the Australian Royal Navy appointed as the liaison officer to U.S. Commander...

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