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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV: Chapter 23 A Writer's Decision.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do criticism writers have to be at a higher level than other writers?
(a) Criticism is harder to write about because it tends to be less attractive than other writing.
(b) Criticism writers are no different. They still need to use the same basic rules of writing.
(c) Criticism need to be stronger at literary elements because they need to recreate a scene or a song in the imagination of their readers with words only.
(d) Only those able to understand the arts can write about them, and very little people can.

2. What does Zinsser do before submitting a piece of writing?
(a) He has his wife read his work.
(b) He reads everything aloud.
(c) He edits everything three times.
(d) He submits his writing to his family.

3. What occurs when business writing is bad?
(a) People will get fired for bad writing.
(b) Customers will go elsewhere to buy their goods and services.
(c) Investors will agree to terms they do not understand.
(d) Executives get fired for pawning off simple writing tasks.

4. How much information should a writer provide to his or her readers?
(a) Everything about the show that he or she felt was worthwhile.
(b) Only dates and times of the show with a thumbs up or down.
(c) Very little. Readers need to be left in the dark so they can go see a show on their own.
(d) Enought to make a show worth seeing, without spoiling it for the readers and viewers.

5. What is the best way to learn to write with humor?
(a) Read other humorous writing and emulate those styles.
(b) Practice saying funny things aloud to friends and family.
(c) Go to comedy shows.
(d) Hang out with funny people.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is another important characteristic of a writer?

2. Do writers need to write all the time?

3. What happens when the reader loses interest in the writing?

4. What is one of Zissner's biggest pet peeves?

5. Why is the English language so easy to use when writing?

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