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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV: Chapter 20 The Sound of Your Voice.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Is sports writing different from any other form of good writing?
(a) No, it is just as good as other writing.
(b) Yes, it isn't as comprehensive.
(c) Yes, it isn't as important.
(d) No, good writing is good writing.

2. What is an example of American television shows that use humor to talk about serious issues?
(a) The View.
(b) The Evening News.
(c) The Today Show.
(d) Saturday Night Live.

3. What trap do journalists and editors fall into often?
(a) Using cliches and made up words.
(b) Not doing grammar checks.
(c) Usin too many dashes.
(d) Using too many commas.

4. What ability do great authors have?
(a) The ability to ignore rules of grammar.
(b) The ability to write whenever they want.
(c) The ability to get an inside on reading trends.
(d) The ability to write perfectley grammatical pieces.

5. What gives nonfiction books life?
(a) Pure hard facts.
(b) The cover of the book.
(c) Humanity and warmth.
(d) White lies that sell certain facts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is an example of a time when bad writing HAS to be read?

2. Does the author believe good writing is the result of an inherent talent?

3. Who are two authors that Zissner admires for solid writing and ornamentation?

4. What is the danger of overusing humor in writing?

5. What happens when a writer writes in unclear ways?

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