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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV: Chapter 20 The Sound of Your Voice.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why should companies learn to produce better writing?
(a) In a capitalistic world, there is always competition and good writing reduces it.
(b) To appeal to educators.
(c) To produce more writing jobs.
(d) To get more clients to understand their terms.

2. How many people are in the American Heritage Dictionary Usage Panel?
(a) 104 writers, poets, editors, and teachers.
(b) 14 writers and poets.
(c) 10 writers.
(d) 1000 writers, poets, and editors.

3. Is there room for opinion when writing a sports article?
(a) Yes. Readers trust sports writers to make sports predictions about their favorite teams.
(b) Absolutely not.
(c) Writers should limit commentary and stick to the stats.
(d) There is always room for commentary.

4. What does it convey when anyone says he can write a book if he wanted to?
(a) It reveals how easy it is to write a book.
(b) It shows that there are many talented people in the world.
(c) It shows that people are ignorant.
(d) It reveals the misconception that writing is easy.

5. What period of writing constantly used semicolons?
(a) Only 18th century England.
(b) All modern writing uses semicolons constantly.
(c) The 17th century.
(d) The 19th century.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one way of saving time?

2. What is an example of a hit book that was rejected several times?

3. Can a writer's style be affected to the reader?

4. Should a writer use different voices for different types of writing?

5. Why do criticism writers have to be at a higher level than other writers?

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