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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: Chapter 16 Business Writing: Writing in Your Job.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is an example of a time when bad writing HAS to be read?
(a) Corporate memos or technical writing.
(b) Online writing.
(c) In English class.
(d) In the newspaper.

2. What do interviews do for the writer?
(a) They make the writer an expert in a given subject.
(b) They make a writer feel stupid since he or she does not know that much about a subject.
(c) They make a writer less valid, since he or she needs to interview several people to create one article.
(d) Interviews humanize a topic, making a boring topic interesting.

3. What method of writing does Zissner use?
(a) Old Journalism.
(b) New Journalism.
(c) Bold paragraph approach.
(d) Cluster writing.

4. What does the process of memoir writing do for a writer?
(a) It brings back bad memories that the person tried to forget.
(b) It brings up related memories that were pushed into the subconsious.
(c) Nothing but write about everything he or she thinks about daily.
(d) It forces them to talk to distant relatives they hate.

5. Has the period of political euphemisms improved since the Vietnam War?
(a) Yes, politicians hire better speech writers.
(b) Yes, politicians know how to unclutter their writing now.
(c) No, it has gotten worse.
(d) No, it is the same.

Short Answer Questions

1. What attitude should writers embrace towards their editors?

2. Chapter 3 is about __________.

3. Why does Zissner advise his clients to worry about the marketplace last?

4. Why does the doctor write?

5. What is Zissner's point of view on the debate between literature and journalism?

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