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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: Chapter 16 Business Writing: Writing in Your Job.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Zinsser think about writing memoirs?
(a) He is against memoirs and thinks writers should never write about themselves.
(b) He encourages them and wants writers to stop being afraid about writing about themselves.
(c) He likes memoirs and reads them constantly.
(d) He thinks memoirs are tacky writers.

2. How does Zissner have the ability to choose words for the American Heritage Dictionary?
(a) He is on the American Heritage Dictionary Usage Panel
(b) He is related to someone on the panel.
(c) He works for the American Heritage Dictionary
(d) He created the Dictionary.

3. What do people forget about writing?
(a) It is a science that is hard to understand.
(b) It is easy and anyone can do it.
(c) It is a gift that only certain people have.
(d) It is a craft and it can be learned.

4. Why is the English language changing all the time?
(a) It changes because academics choose the best ways to speak English and try to teach that to children.
(b) It changes because people don't know how to speak it properly and are changing the way it is spoken.
(c) It changes because it is a living language.
(d) It changes because of regional differences that make their way outwards.

5. Should exclamation points be used in serious writing?
(a) They should be used sparingly. One per paragraph is fine.
(b) They should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.
(c) They should be sprinkled into paragraphs like salt and pepper. The more the better.
(d) Only serious writing has serious exclamation points. How else would people understand astonishment?

Short Answer Questions

1. When can ornamental writing be used as an exception?

2. Why is it important to narrow down a nonfiction piece?

3. Why should interview questions be written before the interview?

4. What is the main thing required to being a good writer?

5. How can uncluttered writing help fiction?

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