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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: Chapter 16 Business Writing: Writing in Your Job.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the real audience in a piece of writing?
(a) The reader.
(b) Both the editor and author.
(c) The editor.
(d) The author.

2. Why does he recommend starting in the preferred tense?
(a) It causes writer's to think about the reader.
(b) It brings out the natural voice.
(c) It makes it easier for people to relate to.
(d) It creates a teacher student relationship.

3. What group of people does the author think has the worst type of writing?
(a) Teachers.
(b) Toddlers.
(c) Musicians.
(d) Politicians.

4. What is a major problem of business writing?
(a) Using graphs and not labeling them.
(b) Using jargon that only other business people can understand.
(c) Using long sentences.
(d) Not using proper wording to appeal to the business world.

5. When can ornamental writing be used as an exception?
(a) When the wrting needs extra fluff.
(b) When writing evaluations and resumes.
(c) When the author needs to abide by editors remarks.
(d) To follow solid writing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are two authors that Zissner admires for solid writing and ornamentation?

2. Why is the above a problem?

3. What are the two components of the original Roget's Thesaurus?

4. What is an example of a hit book that was rejected several times?

5. What is another example of when a person HAS to read bad writing?

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