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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: Chapter 16 Business Writing: Writing in Your Job.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Can good writing be taught?
(a) Only good teachers can teach good writing.
(b) Of course it can.
(c) It cannot, but it can be learned.
(d) Only good students can learn good writing.

2. What does Zinsser think about this misconception?
(a) He states anyone can write about anything if his approach is correct.
(b) He agrees with it and thinks scientists cannot write at all.
(c) He disagrees with it, but offers no reason why.
(d) He agrees with it and thinks writers can never understand complex scientific theories.

3. Why is it important for writers to read constantly?
(a) To study the market.
(b) To emulate their heroes.
(c) To learn how to write.
(d) To learn from other writers' mistakes.

4. What is a common problem writers have?
(a) Writing too little.
(b) Starting at the true beginning.
(c) Writing too much at first.
(d) Not writing at the same time every day.

5. What does Zinsser do before submitting a piece of writing?
(a) He has his wife read his work.
(b) He submits his writing to his family.
(c) He reads everything aloud.
(d) He edits everything three times.

Short Answer Questions

1. When should a writer choose the point of view in a piece of writing?

2. What advice does Zinsser give to employees who want to change business writing?

3. Why does Zissner advise his clients to worry about the marketplace last?

4. Should exclamation points be used in serious writing?

5. What do people forget about writing?

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