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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: Chapter 11 Nonfiction as Literature.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What group of people does the author think has the worst type of writing?
(a) Musicians.
(b) Toddlers.
(c) Teachers.
(d) Politicians.

2. How does Zissner have the ability to choose words for the American Heritage Dictionary?
(a) He works for the American Heritage Dictionary
(b) He created the Dictionary.
(c) He is on the American Heritage Dictionary Usage Panel
(d) He is related to someone on the panel.

3. What other group of people uses euphemisms or fad terms?
(a) State employees.
(b) Business writers.
(c) Doctors.
(d) Musicians.

4. Literature was once considered solely as what?
(a) Fiction only.
(b) Great novels.
(c) Writing by only certain authors.
(d) Historical pieces.

5. What is the main thing required to being a good writer?
(a) Hard work.
(b) All answers are correct.
(c) Good editing.
(d) Passion.

Short Answer Questions

1. Do good writers decorate their writing?

2. What are two tools every writer should use?

3. Which is the simplest sentence?

4. What happens when the reader loses interest in the writing?

5. Chapter 3 is about __________.

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