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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II: Chapter 9 The Lead and the Ending.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the two components of the original Roget's Thesaurus?
(a) A dictionary of antonyms, and one of synonyms.
(b) A dictionary listing of words, and a numberd section with synonyms arranged in broad concepts.
(c) Antonyms with very in depth definitions.
(d) A list of synonyms and their definitions with pictures on one side.

2. Chapter 3 is about __________.
(a) Increasing the simplicity of writing.
(b) Clutter.
(c) Simplicity.
(d) Reducing clutter.

3. What does a Thesaurus help a writer with, besides finding alternate words?
(a) The book can help a writer become an expert in opposites.
(b) Provides easy word webs.
(c) A thesaurus is a powerful stimulant to a writer's imagination.
(d) A thesaurus can help when writing in another language.

4. Does Zissner believe in the journalism model for good writing?
(a) Yes, it saves space and uses modern words.
(b) No because journalists use cheap words and buzz words.
(c) Yes, it is efficient and catchy.
(d) No, journalism is dead and the writing is poor.

5. What is an example of a time when bad writing HAS to be read?
(a) Corporate memos or technical writing.
(b) Online writing.
(c) In English class.
(d) In the newspaper.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is an example of a hit book that was rejected several times?

2. What is one of Zissner's biggest pet peeves?

3. Where should the writer find his or her words?

4. What is the problem with American writing?

5. How does a thesaurus help with brainstorming?

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