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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II: Chapter 9 The Lead and the Ending.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What tense does Zissner recommend when starting a new piece?
(a) Second person.
(b) Third person.
(c) Combination third and first.
(d) First person.

2. What attitude should writers embrace towards their editors?
(a) Worry only about the editor in order to get published.
(b) Worry about the editor and the readers. They will buy and sell your books.
(c) Don't worry about the editor because you should please your audience first.
(d) Don't worry about pleasing them initially.

3. Do good writers decorate their writing?
(a) No, only bad writers do this to sell more copies.
(b) Yes, with good punctuation.
(c) No, good writers dont need ornamentation.
(d) Yes, always with lots of extra words.

4. What is an example of a hit book that was rejected several times?
(a) Harry Potter.
(b) Eleven on Top.
(c) Pride and Prejudice.
(d) Jurassic Park.

5. What group of people does the author think has the worst type of writing?
(a) Musicians.
(b) Toddlers.
(c) Teachers.
(d) Politicians.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 3 is about __________.

2. What period in U.S. history does Zissner point out as a time filled with euphemisms?

3. Who is the real audience in a piece of writing?

4. What is another example of when a person HAS to read bad writing?

5. Why doesn't he simply cross out clutter?

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