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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I: Chapter 6 Words.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What trap do journalists and editors fall into often?
(a) Not doing grammar checks.
(b) Usin too many dashes.
(c) Using too many commas.
(d) Using cliches and made up words.

2. What are the two components of the original Roget's Thesaurus?
(a) A dictionary of antonyms, and one of synonyms.
(b) A dictionary listing of words, and a numberd section with synonyms arranged in broad concepts.
(c) Antonyms with very in depth definitions.
(d) A list of synonyms and their definitions with pictures on one side.

3. What does Zissner use to highlight clutter in his students' writing?
(a) Highlighter.
(b) Underlines.
(c) Brackets
(d) Stars.

4. What group of people does the author think has the worst type of writing?
(a) Teachers.
(b) Toddlers.
(c) Musicians.
(d) Politicians.

5. What is it that the bad writers mentioned above do that makes their writing terrible?
(a) They don't check their facts.
(b) They lie too much.
(c) They have bad grammar.
(d) They use too many euphemisms.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Zissner's feelings about writing?

2. Why do journalists need to perfect uncluttered writing?

3. What method of writing does Zissner use?

4. Who are two authors that Zissner admires for solid writing and ornamentation?

5. What is one task that a good writer constantly does?

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