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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I: Chapter 4 Style.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Can good writing be taught?
(a) Of course it can.
(b) It cannot, but it can be learned.
(c) Only good teachers can teach good writing.
(d) Only good students can learn good writing.

2. How can uncluttered writing help fiction?
(a) It keeps books smaller and people like smaller books.
(b) It keeps the meaning of the story clear and the prose worth the reader's time.
(c) It keeps people's attention longer.
(d) It highlights the impotant parts of the story.

3. What is a natural inclination for writers when they start a piece?
(a) They ramble through an unnecessary introduction.
(b) Writers assume readers know nothing about what they are writing about.
(c) They don't give enough background information.
(d) They assume the readers know what they are writing about.

4. What does Zissner use to highlight clutter in his students' writing?
(a) Brackets
(b) Stars.
(c) Highlighter.
(d) Underlines.

5. What is another example of when a person HAS to read bad writing?
(a) Literature anthologies.
(b) Instruction manuals.
(c) Political Journals.
(d) Television captions.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gives nonfiction books life?

2. What is the main thing required to being a good writer?

3. What is a common problem writers have?

4. What period in U.S. history does Zissner point out as a time filled with euphemisms?

5. What group of people does the author think has the worst type of writing?

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