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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV: Chapter 20 The Sound of Your Voice.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the two components of the original Roget's Thesaurus?
(a) A dictionary of antonyms, and one of synonyms.
(b) A dictionary listing of words, and a numberd section with synonyms arranged in broad concepts.
(c) Antonyms with very in depth definitions.
(d) A list of synonyms and their definitions with pictures on one side.

2. Who are two authors that Zissner admires for solid writing and ornamentation?
(a) Sylvia Plath and Jane Austen.
(b) Virginia Woolfe and Sylvia Plath.
(c) Norman Mailer and Tom Wolfe.
(d) Normal Mailer and Virginia Wolfe.

3. Does Zissner believe in the journalism model for good writing?
(a) No because journalists use cheap words and buzz words.
(b) No, journalism is dead and the writing is poor.
(c) Yes, it is efficient and catchy.
(d) Yes, it saves space and uses modern words.

4. What is the old view of nonfiction?
(a) That it is only journalism which isn't a respectable form of writing.
(b) That it is all commentary that means nothing to anyone but the writer.
(c) That it is the best form of writing because it is factual and real.
(d) That it is the only respectable form of writing.

5. Why is the English language changing all the time?
(a) It changes because people don't know how to speak it properly and are changing the way it is spoken.
(b) It changes because academics choose the best ways to speak English and try to teach that to children.
(c) It changes because it is a living language.
(d) It changes because of regional differences that make their way outwards.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a common problem with nonfiction writers?

2. Why is it important to narrow down a nonfiction piece?

3. What is a major job of a nonfiction writer?

4. Why does he recommend starting in the preferred tense?

5. What other group of people uses euphemisms or fad terms?

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