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William Zinsser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: Chapter 14 Writing About Yourself: The Memoir.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Zinsser do before submitting a piece of writing?
(a) He reads everything aloud.
(b) He has his wife read his work.
(c) He edits everything three times.
(d) He submits his writing to his family.

2. What is a memoir?
(a) They are books about other people written by ghostwriters.
(b) They can be about any life experience.
(c) They are fiction peices about real people.
(d) They are stories about immigrants.

3. Why is consistency in verb tense so important?
(a) Very tense consistency is important so that the reader does not become lost in the timing of events.
(b) It is important for slower readers to follow along.
(c) It is important so that verbs don't get confused with nouns.
(d) It is important for the development of characters, and to set up a plot.

4. What is the main attitude that writers have today?
(a) To write well, regardless of whether it is fiction or nonfiction.
(b) To be published in the New Yorker.
(c) To write literature, the way it was defined before WWII.
(d) To write modern literature and be the next best author.

5. What is another important characteristic of a writer?
(a) To be aware of the way words are spelled.
(b) To sound out simple sentences.
(c) To be aware of the rhythm and sound of words together.
(d) To sound out simple syllables.

Short Answer Questions

1. Literature was once considered solely as what?

2. What is a common problem with nonfiction writers?

3. When should a writer choose the point of view in a piece of writing?

4. What is unity in writing?

5. Has the period of political euphemisms improved since the Vietnam War?

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