On Writing Well Fun Activities

William Zinsser
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Create a Cliche Wheel

Sometimes recognizing cliches is easier when they are already written out. Create a cliche wheel, where some of the most commonly used cliches are written around the wheel, with alternate phrases just below for quick access out of cliche world.

List of clutter

Create a list of words or phrases that you recognize as clutter in your work. Everyone's will be different. List phrases or words such as: that, so, on the other hand, etc. All these words are clutter. Recognize them by making a list and having handy when editing.

Mini thesaurus

Make a mini thesaurus based on the style of writing you do. For instance, if you are a romance writer, try to write out the different ways to say "love." This will be a quick way to think of that other word you need. It is also a good excuse to...

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