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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, On Strategy in General : Chapter 1, Strategy, Morality & Military Virtues.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Clausewitz think of wars between civilized nations compared to savages?
(a) They are the same.
(b) They are more pretty because of the uniforms.
(c) They are more cruel and destructive.
(d) They are less cruel and destructive.

2. Why don't civilized nations execute their prisoners according to Clausewitz?
(a) It is against the Geneva Convention.
(b) Intelligence plays a higher part in warfare.
(c) They do not have time to take prisoners.
(d) They do not want to waste bullets.

3. What definition does Clausewitz give of wearing down the enemy?
(a) Gradual exhaustion of commanding officers.
(b) Gradual exhaustion of horses.
(c) Gradual exhaustion of physical and moral resistance.
(d) Gradual exhaustion of ammunition.

4. According to Clausewitz, what cannot be ignored in war?
(a) Moral values.
(b) The walking speed of the army.
(c) The canon's maker.
(d) The breed of the horses.

5. What is strategy according to Clausewitz in Book 3, Chapter 1?
(a) The use of engagements.
(b) The thinking prior to battle.
(c) The setting up of the army.
(d) The supply line safety.

Short Answer Questions

1. What qualities does Clausewitz describe as imperative for a commander?

2. What is the third property according to Clausewitz?

3. What does Clausewitz say armies were like after the advent of tactics?

4. According to Clausewitz, what matters when a general makes adjustments to the war plan?

5. What must the strategist do during war according to Clausewitz?

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