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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, On Strategy in General : Chapter 1, Strategy, Morality & Military Virtues.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What clouds a soldier's objectivity concerning war according to Clausewitz?
(a) His country of origin.
(b) If he his still active.
(c) How much he has been worn down by war.
(d) How much money he made during the war.

2. What definition of war does Clausewitz give?
(a) An act of force to compel our enemy to do our will.
(b) An act of weakness because diplomacy didn't succeed.
(c) A way for nations to settle trivial disputes.
(d) A way for the military powerful to grab resources from their neighboring country.

3. Why do men fight each other according to Clausewitz?
(a) Hostile feelings and need to play.
(b) Hostile intentions alone.
(c) Hostile feelings alone.
(d) Hostile feelings and hostile intentions.

4. Why don't civilized nations execute their prisoners according to Clausewitz?
(a) It is against the Geneva Convention.
(b) They do not want to waste bullets.
(c) Intelligence plays a higher part in warfare.
(d) They do not have time to take prisoners.

5. What emotion does Clausewitz say should be used to make the enemy doubt the outcome of a war?
(a) Greed.
(b) Overconfidence.
(c) Cowardliness.
(d) Fear.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clausewitz say about people and their methods of drawing conclusions?

2. What must the strategist do during war according to Clausewitz?

3. What are high ranking officers usually not, according to Clausewitz?

4. Why do the first war theorists only consider what could be mathematically calculated when they created the first war theory according to Clausewitz?

5. What brings value to a strategy according to Clausewitz?

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