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Short Answer Questions

1. What or whom does Michael Grant, the author of the introduction, introduce?

2. In "On Duties," how many feelings does Cicero say a good ruler should inspire in his subjects?

3. What was the result of Cicero's desire to capture others thought in his writing's?

4. According to "Discussions at Tusculum," why are evil people always miserable?

5. What did Cicero believe applied to every human, according to Grant?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Cicero define the 'recipe' to obtain a stable regime in "On Duties"?

2. What did Cicero's work return to in "On Duties" and why?

3. What will breed resentment among a ruler's subjects?

4. What did the Stoics believe made a happy life and did their belief mean?

5. Describe how Cicero perceived philosophy.

6. Describe what the series of arguments in "On Duties" discusses.

7. Describe what Cicero said about justice and intelligence, in "On Duties."

8. Of those listed in the introduction, what were some of the opinions the various author's had of Cicero?

9. What was Cicero's opinion of Caesar?

10. How was Cicero received by the public?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain where the dialogue of Laelius: On Friendship came from and when it was written. Discuss why this information is important to Cicero personally and discuss how it effects the authenticity of the work.

Essay Topic 2

Explain and discuss the paradox of pleasure and pain that comes from having friendship, according to Laelius: On Friendship. Discuss how both pain and pleasure are unavoidable in friendship.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Cicero's popularity among the public from the time he began writing to the time he stopped. Discuss what made this change of opinion occur.

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