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Short Answer Questions

1. What dictatorships does Cicero oppose in "On Duties"?

2. What did Cicero argue is the cure for misfortune?

3. What must the ruler maintain, according to Cicero?

4. What is essential between two nations, according to Cicero in "On Duties"?

5. According to the introduction, what is Cicero NOT?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were Cicero's attitudes about human rights?

2. What type of system of government did Cicero prefer in "On Duties"?

3. Describe why Cicero worried about the Roman republic.

4. Describe what Cicero insinuated about Caesar, in "On Duties".

5. Describe Cicero's philosophy.

6. What did the Greeks believe made a happy life?

7. What is the difference between kinship and friendship?

8. What is the purpose of the spheres of the planets, in "The Dream of Scipio"?

9. Describe what the orator must do when giving a speech.

10. How did Cicero popularize many ideas and with whom?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Analyze and discuss how the role of Africanus in Chapter 3: Laelius: On Friendship and Chapter 5: The Dream of Scipio are both similar and yet different. Discuss how the role of Africanus is different from the other characters in each chapter of "On The Good Life."

Essay Topic 2

Explain why Laelius places such great importance on having friends to live a decent life in Laelius: On Friendship. Discuss who Laelius believes friendship can only exist between and why.

Essay Topic 3

Explain how each chapter of "On The Good Life" supports Cicero's own lifestyle and opinion of living. Discuss if you think Cicero lived the life of goodwill and virtue he suggests and outlines for his readers to be able to reach "the good life."

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