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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5: The Dream of Scipio.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Laelius's friend die in relation to when Cicero wrote "Laelius: On Friendship"?
(a) 150 or 140 years prior.
(b) While he was writing it.
(c) A few years after he wrote it.
(d) A few years before he wrote it.

2. What does Africanus encourage Scipio to do when he returns home in his dream?
(a) To remain calm.
(b) To fight for his country.
(c) To not abandon hope.
(d) To stay brave.

3. What is Cicero known as, according to "On the Orator"?
(a) A good oratory teacher.
(b) A sufficient orator.
(c) A mediocre orator.
(d) A great orator of history.

4. What dictatorships does Cicero oppose in "On Duties"?
(a) Brutus's.
(b) Crassus'.
(c) Cassius'.
(d) Caesar's.

5. What did Cicero believe strongly about the virtues of philosophy?
(a) They gave comfort to the fearful.
(b) They were valid and rational.
(c) They took away the "load of empty troubles."
(d) They were insightful.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to "Discussions at Tusculum," what did all Greek schools of philosophy agree on?

2. In "On Duties," which book is only reproduced in this particular selection of readings?

3. According to Cicero, in "On Duties," what does he feel is more effective in inspiring confidence?

4. What do true friends not enjoy doing, according to Laelius?

5. According to "On the Orator," who thought about the skill of oratory and rhetoric?

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