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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4: On the Orator.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Cicero believe the Roman republic should behave like?
(a) "Elusive and free."
(b) "Lucid and demanding."
(c) "Strong and indestructive."
(d) "Heroes of old."

2. What does oratory require beside good speech, according to "On the Orator"?
(a) Knowledge of many subjects.
(b) General idea of other topics.
(c) Motivated thought.
(d) A desire to move others through words.

3. Why is statesmanship destroyed, according to "On Duties"?
(a) Caesar eliminates its possibility to continue.
(b) Because the opportunities of statesmanship are destroyed.
(c) Because no one desires it anymore.
(d) It isn't destroyed.

4. How many miles was the setting of "Discussions at Tusculum" from Cicero's home?
(a) 15 miles.
(b) 16 miles.
(c) 13 miles.
(d) 100 miles.

5. What prevented a person from being happy, according to Cicero?
(a) Not having money.
(b) Not having friends.
(c) Not being morally good.
(d) Not having a house.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many virtues does Cicero argue moral goodness is comprised of?

2. What or whom does Michael Grant, the author of the introduction, introduce?

3. What does the book reproduced in "On Duties" concern itself with?

4. What do great orators possess according to "On the Orator"?

5. In "On Duties," how will rulers win goodwill?

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