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Lesson 1 (from Introduction)



Cicero had a very distinct opinion of human rights. He believed there was a spark of divinity in everyone that made people equal to one another. This lesson will analyze Cicero as an individualist and his opinion of human's divinity.


1. Group Discussion:

Divide the class into groups and discuss how Cicero perceived all humans. What does his belief of everyone possessing a spark of divinity suggest about his overall character and philosophies? Do you think Cicero was influenced by others to form this belief? What spark of divinity do you think Cicero is talking about? Discuss it's abstract and direct forms of possibilities.

2. Class Debate:

Divide the class in two. Have one side argue for Cicero's idea of a divine spark that exists in everyone is a direct entity that Cicero can pinpoint and the other half argue against Cicero's idea that the divine...

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