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Short Answer Questions

1. When did a Dutch king give the Van Rensselaers thousands of acres of land?

2. In Part 8, how far does Sam think that Alice and the pig may have walked?

3. What is one of Sam's favorite edible plants that Crystal has uprooted under power lines?

4. How many people are in the all-purpose store when Sam and Bando sit at the luncheonette counter in Livingstonville.

5. At Manorkill Falls, what does Sam use to catch a trout?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Zella try to reassure Sam that Frightful will be okay?

2. Why doesn't Sam think that Alice will come to Manorkill Falls?

3. Why does Zella say that Crystal is a good traveling companion for Alice?

4. How did Alice get a pig?

5. How does Sam know they leave the Catskill Mountains and enter the Helderbergs?

6. What do the Rensselaerville Falls look like?

7. What does the Monroe Farm look like when Sam first sees it?

8. How does Sam describe Alice's camp at the falls?

9. Who were the Van Rensselaers?

10. Where does Mr. Van Sandtford tell Sam that Alice went?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sam and Alice's relationship change throughout the novel. How does their relationship change? Does it seem to become more of an equal relationship?

Essay Topic 2

Sam and Bando disagree about visiting a farmer and asking if he has seen Alice. Why do they disagree? Who does Sam decide to speak to the farmer anyway?

Essay Topic 3

Bando is tired and gets a meal at a restaurant and stays at a hotel. Why is Bando so tired? Why does he begin to take opportunities to eat at restaurants and stay in towns rather than trekking through the woods.

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