On the Far Side of the Mountain Fun Activities

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My Side of the Mountain Trilogy

Read the other two books in the series: "My Side of the Mountain" and "Frightful's Mountain."


Read one of Jean Craighead George's memoirs, "The Tarantula in My Purse" or "Journey Inward."


Watch the movie "My Side of the Mountain."

Geological Survey Map

Use a geological survey map to plot a hike in your area or in a nearby park.

Deer and Pig Tracks

Draw a picture to show the differences between deer and pig tracks.

John Burroughs

Research the life and writing of John Burroughs. Discuss with a group why Alice might be interested in visiting his summer lodge and grave.


Research falconry and discuss with a group the historical background of the sport and how it has evolved today.


Draw a cover image for the book.


Create a diorama of Sam's living area on the mountain...

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