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A Storm Breaks – I Start Over

• On a hot, humid day in June, Leon Longbridge, a conservation officer confiscates Frightful from Sam, a boy who lives in a tree on a mountain.

• It is illegal to have peregrine falcons, so Longbridge will take Frightful to be a part of an artificial breeding program at the university.

• When the conservation office takes Frightful, Sam is concerned about how he will feed his sister without Frightful to help hunt for meat.

• Sam is so upset he feels like crying, but he takes out his journal instead and reads about the time when his family came to the mountain.

• Sam’s parents had thought they wanted to live there and farm, but it wasn’t farming country.

• So the entire family except for Sam and Alice returned to the city, where Sam’s father worked on the docks.

• No one thought...

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