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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In general, modern photography claims that the ___________ is irrelevant within the picture's creation.
(a) Structure.
(b) Subject.
(c) Alignment.
(d) Photographer.

2. Paintings, however accurate or realistic, are not the object, but a ___________ of that object.
(a) Guess.
(b) Design.
(c) Shadow.
(d) Rendering.

3. Some theorize that the practice of photography allows the disclosure of a ___________ truth.
(a) Hidden.
(b) Blanketed.
(c) Naked.
(d) Ugly.

4. The Chinese government denounced Antonioni's film as anti-Chinese and anti-___________.
(a) Democratic.
(b) Communist.
(c) Artistic.
(d) Pornography.

5. At times in the photography movement, the __________ is considered important while at other times it is not.
(a) Placement.
(b) Sunshine.
(c) Photographer.
(d) Subject.

6. Who was rendered with Antonioni's typical flair and technique, featuring long shots, close-ups, jarring juxtaposition, and a focus on the ordinary?
(a) Chung Koan.
(b) Ching Kon.
(c) Chang Kon.
(d) Chung Kuo.

7. Most continue to claim that photography is entirely _________, according to the research of Sontag.
(a) Innocent.
(b) Peaceful.
(c) Truthful.
(d) Incomplete.

8. Photography enjoyed a boost when the public learned that photographs could be ______________.
(a) Destroyed.
(b) Kept forever.
(c) Altered.
(d) Digitized.

9. Balzac was one of many philosophers who believed that photographs are somehow permanently invasive of the process of ________.
(a) Reality.
(b) Discovery.
(c) Truth.
(d) Experience.

10. Modern photography seems to admit that __________ is the sum total of all art in photography.
(a) Alignment.
(b) Approach.
(c) Technique.
(d) Structure.

11. Both painting and photography share a devotion to traditional __________ within their finished pieces.
(a) Subjects.
(b) Books.
(c) Drama.
(d) Audiences.

12. In a sense, according to Sontag, photography actually helps to ____________ beauty as society defines it.
(a) Manufacture.
(b) Document.
(c) Clean up.
(d) Understand.

13. Most - nearly all - __________ images are photographs, according to Sontag's findings.
(a) Surrealistic.
(b) Authoritative.
(c) Great.
(d) Effective.

14. Many people fear being photographed because they fear the camera's ___________ of their looks.
(a) Misunderstanding.
(b) Disapproval.
(c) Destroying.
(d) Capturing.

15. Photography is published in books with _______ of white space and precise layouts, making it seem artistic.
(a) Frames.
(b) Backgrounds.
(c) Spaces.
(d) Images.

Short Answer Questions

1. _____________ is easy, rapid, and can be performed by just about anyone, according to Sontag.

2. _____________ were circulated condemning the film as a gross mischaracterization of China and the Chinese.

3. The reaction to the film in China is illustrative of an essential ____________ difference in the way that photography is understood.

4. Chinese tastes favor well-______________ presentations within photography, according to the book.

5. Another method of falsifying photographs is to falsely __________ them, according to Sontag's findings.

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