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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Image-World.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Photographs present the real, but it is a ________ real of acquisition via mechanical duplication, according to the chapter.
(a) Weak.
(b) Truthful.
(c) Darker.
(d) Sham.

2. The __________ are not the same between painting and photography, though the devotion may be.
(a) Subjects.
(b) Outcomes.
(c) Values.
(d) Intentions.

3. Painting allows for __________ vision, while photography does not require this sort of vision.
(a) Dissociative.
(b) Clear.
(c) Artisitic.
(d) Honest.

4. With the help of captions, photographs can be made to speak, but the caption is obviously ____________.
(a) Artifice.
(b) Truthful.
(c) Judgemental.
(d) Biased.

5. What is NOT one of the groups of people that Arbus photographed during her career?
(a) Prostitutes.
(b) Deformed.
(c) Lepers.
(d) Insane.

Short Answer Questions

1. In his photographs, Steichen gave ___________ material importance according to Sontag.

2. In China, photography is subsumed by the state _______________ apparatus, according to the book's findings.

3. What movement is capricious and inadvertent, according to Sontag?

4. In a sense, according to Sontag, photography actually helps to ____________ beauty as society defines it.

5. Photography allows all of the goals of surrealism to conflate into a _________ art, according to Sontag.

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