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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Photographic Evangels.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Photographs can mingle documentation with __________ rendering, according to Sontag in this chapter.
(a) Artistic.
(b) Truthful.
(c) Just.
(d) Watery.

2. What is the question plaguing most photographic theory of the 1970s, according to Sontag in this chapter?
(a) Does art matter?
(b) Is photography art?
(c) How is photography real?
(d) Does the subject exist?

3. At times in the photography movement, the __________ is considered important while at other times it is not.
(a) Sunshine.
(b) Photographer.
(c) Subject.
(d) Placement.

4. A photograph seems to be taken in order to guarantee that the event has actually ___________.
(a) Touched others in the event.
(b) Transpired.
(c) Been a success.
(d) Begun.

5. As the text says, "Hobbesian man roams the streets, quite visible, with ____________ in his hair."
(a) Glitter.
(b) A ribbon.
(c) Blood.
(d) Lace.

Short Answer Questions

1. Alfred Stieglitz produced photographs which supported Whitman's ideas, termed euphoric _____________.

2. Some theorize that the practice of photography allows the disclosure of a ___________ truth.

3. Even though photographs are generally consistent, _________ tastes in photography exist and change over time.

4. Some champion total self ____________ for the photographer in order to capture subjects in the way that makes sense for an audience.

5. One of the things that Sontag reminds the reader is that Surrealism is not a __________ art form.

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