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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author believe the Victorian age has done regarding freedom and energy of individuality?
(a) It has gone too far in the direction of suppressing this.
(b) It has not changed fast enough.
(c) It has given too much freedom to too many people.
(d) It has not gone far enough in the other direction.

2. How would many argue against Humboldt's beliefs?
(a) For the sake of those who are unintelligent or uneducated.
(b) For the sake of protecting people from the harsh truths and realities of life.
(c) For the sake of avoiding that which might well be best left uncultivated within an individual.
(d) For the sake of those who do not have their basic needs met.

3. Why is it a problem that some Mormons openly practice polygamy?
(a) It was practiced in the Old Testament.
(b) It is illegal in many states and nations.
(c) It is an unusual practice.
(d) It is shocking to most people.

4. How does the author begin this chapter?
(a) With a question.
(b) With a request.
(c) With a demand.
(d) With a statement.

5. What does the author give the reader regarding this issue?
(a) A few responses.
(b) A few opinions.
(c) A few questions.
(d) A few examples.

Short Answer Questions

1. Do Unitarians face persecution in Mill's society?

2. What does Mill do regarding trade?

3. To what does the author make it clear that he is opposed?

4. The desire that Humboldt put forth for humanity and the method of exploration that he suggests combined with whose systematic thinking and exploration of ideas all tend to assist the process of thought towards arrival at the whole truth of life and of the reality for people?

5. What matter does the philosopher then take up?

Short Essay Questions

1. To what is the author opposed? How does he support his beliefs regarding this issue?

2. How might the ideas and methods of Humboldt, Mill, and Taylor be useful?

3. What is one strength of which the readers of this book must be aware?

4. Who is Wilhelm Von Humboldt?

5. What has been the reaction to people who have trouble finding their proper place and balance within society?

6. What does the author say about finding one's proper place and balance within society?

7. What is one reason for the author discussing trade in this book?

8. Is this discussion of trade relevant for readers of today? Why or why not?

9. With what question does the author begin this chapter?

10. To what does this analysis lead?

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