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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With regard to personal behavior, what does Mill espouse?
(a) Each individual deserves the freedom to do as he or she wills and wishes given the limitation that to thwart, oppress or oppose the will of others is wrong.
(b) Only some people deserve freedoms, and may oppress the oppostion's freedoms.
(c) Each individual deserves some freedoms, and that to thwart, oppress or oppose the will of others is wrong.
(d) Each individual deserves the freedom to do as he or she will, as long as it follows the beliefs of the leader in power.

2. He asserts his own view that even if only one individual on the entire face of the Earth holds a particular opinion that he or she can do what?
(a) Quietly mention it.
(b) At least verbally express it.
(c) Keep his or her opinion to him or herself.
(d) Listen to others' opinions.

3. Why does humanity know the truth about the Solar System?
(a) Copernicus' studies were thorough and complete.
(b) Humanity does not know the truth about the Solar system.
(c) Those who researched the matter intensively and extensively.
(d) The general population has been interested in studying the Solar system.

4. When did Mary publish this?
(a) A good century earlier.
(b) A good century later.
(c) A good decade later.
(d) A good decade earlier.

5. What are the additional responsibilities that will be included for a democracy?
(a) How to cooperate with a leader.
(b) How to elect leaders.
(c) How to cooperate among themselves.
(d) How to cooperate among a small group of leaders.

Short Answer Questions

1. Can an opinion be vulnerable to attack once exposed?

2. What does Mill indicate are all deeply important in how the freedom of each individual is affected by that of the others?

3. About what does Copernicus know?

4. There was a great movement toward greater _____________ for the peoples of Europe.

5. Why is this an additional responsibility?

Short Essay Questions

1. About what do Mill and his wife write?

2. What does John Stuart Mill say about the education system in Great Britain in the 1800s? How can one relate to this today?

3. Describe Mill and his wife's relationship.

4. What does the author discuss regarding controlling people?

5. What is said about Aristotle regarding tyranny in this chapter?

6. What is the story of Copernicus?

7. How do Mill's thoughts about liberty pertain to women?

8. What movements are taking place during Mill's time in Great Britain and Europe?

9. What does Mill say about the beliefs that one opposes?

10. What role does John Stuart Mill play in the women's movement?

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