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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can sharing views do, according to the author?
(a) Cause confusion.
(b) Enhance life for everyone.
(c) Cause arguments.
(d) Make enemies.

2. For how long was this woman his close companion?
(a) An average amount of time.
(b) A very short time.
(c) A very long time.
(d) A somewhat short time.

3. With regard to personal behavior, what does Mill espouse?
(a) Each individual deserves the freedom to do as he or she wills and wishes given the limitation that to thwart, oppress or oppose the will of others is wrong.
(b) Each individual deserves some freedoms, and that to thwart, oppress or oppose the will of others is wrong.
(c) Only some people deserve freedoms, and may oppress the oppostion's freedoms.
(d) Each individual deserves the freedom to do as he or she will, as long as it follows the beliefs of the leader in power.

4. In what country did Mill help women?
(a) Great Britain.
(b) Canada.
(c) France.
(d) The United States.

5. Where did John Stuart's father loom large in relevance during John Stuart's earliest years?
(a) England.
(b) Germany.
(c) America.
(d) France.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the Middle Ages, on what had logical premises been founded?

2. Mill believes that freedom of speech as a means of clear expression of opinion has the possibility of doing what?

3. Europeans have a unique sense of _____________ that has co-existed right along with a great deal of political differences and variances in the ways of life of the peoples.

4. Of what is there a tendency in 1800s England, regarding education?

5. According to Mill, should women bear the full rights of citizenship?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it rare that one has complete freedom as long as one does not oppress or oppose the will of others?

2. Why must one be careful when discussing an issue or disagreeing over one's opinion?

3. What does the author discuss regarding controlling people?

4. What does John Stuart Mill's success in helping British women get the right to vote reveal about him?

5. How can one learn by expressing one's opinion?

6. What is said about Aristotle regarding tyranny in this chapter?

7. What movements are taking place during Mill's time in Great Britain and Europe?

8. With what does the book begin? Why?

9. About what do Mill and his wife write?

10. Describe Mill and his wife's relationship.

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