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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does John Stuart Mill show about the real challenge regarding one's views?
(a) It is to face the fact that your beliefs may be wrong.
(b) It is to keep those views to oneself.
(c) It is to make sure one's views are accurate and without faults.
(d) It is to face the conflict that can emerge when opinions are shared with a view to obtaining the truth of any given matter.

2. What did Mary publish?
(a) A Vindication of the Rights of the Black Man.
(b) A Vindication of the Rights of the Homosexual.
(c) A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.
(d) A Vindication of the Rights of the Unborn.

3. What is another topic these two cover?
(a) Space travel.
(b) Various theories.
(c) Narcotic drugs.
(d) Stenography.

4. Does the author confine his criticisms to his own nation?
(a) Only later.
(b) No.
(c) Yes.
(d) At first.

5. Why is their friendship less unusual today?
(a) Since many people do not marry for love but for money.
(b) Since education has been turned into a coeducational experience.
(c) Since family members are often friends.
(d) Since husbands and wives are expected to be close companions.

6. Who did Bentham rely upon for support in ideas?
(a) Joshua Mill.
(b) John Stuart Mill.
(c) James Mill.
(d) Justin Mill.

7. Over whom did Copernicus have a superior knowledge of this knowledge?
(a) The church and scientists of his location and time in history.
(b) Other biologists.
(c) His colleagues.
(d) The general public.

8. How is John Stuart Mill viewed?
(a) As having been the most prominent of all English-speaking thinkers of any time.
(b) As having been a fairly prominent philosopher at his time.
(c) As having been a crazy man full of crazy ideas.
(d) As having been the most prominent English-speaking thinker in the 19th century.

9. Has this tendency continued into the 20th and 21st centuries?
(a) Yes, to some degree.
(b) Yes, completely.
(c) No, not currently.
(d) No, not at all.

10. What does Mill begin to set forth?
(a) A proposed idea for how to elect a leader.
(b) A proposed idea for issuing various freedoms.
(c) A proposed idea for a behavioral dictum.
(d) A proposed idea for running a democracy.

11. For how long was this woman his close companion?
(a) A somewhat short time.
(b) A very long time.
(c) An average amount of time.
(d) A very short time.

12. What is a danger of more democracy?
(a) Misunderstanding.
(b) Freedom.
(c) Tyranny.
(d) Frustration.

13. Why is this an additional responsibility?
(a) They can only complain to themselves.
(b) The Crown has now been replaced by an elected leader.
(c) They only have their leader to blame.
(d) There is no longer the authority of the Crown to chaff against and therefore to blame for the trouble.

14. The entire chapter is devoted to discussing what?
(a) Whose opinions are correct.
(b) Dealing with other's opinions.
(c) The range of aspects and implications of opinion.
(d) The tyranny that can develop from expressing one's opinions.

15. His knowledge could easily have been mistaken for what?
(a) Lies.
(b) Fact.
(c) Mere belief or opinion.
(d) Heresy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one topic these friends covered?

2. What does the author say happens in most cultures regarding private behavior?

3. In what country did Mill help women?

4. Of what is there a tendency in 1800s England, regarding education?

5. For millions, if knowledge of the solar system were not proliferated and supporting information both provided and explained would the majority conclude from direct personal experience that the planets travel around the Sun?

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