On Liberty Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. With what does the book begin? Why?

The material in this section is devoted to preparing the readers for the text. It begins with a simple chronological chart set alone upon a page. instructors. The chronological chart is a perfect example of how those who have prepared the document intended to put the book's contents and life of the author into a wider context using as few words as possible.

2. What does John Stuart Mill say about his wife? Why?

John Stuart Mill credits his wife with so much of the endeavor that he writes that she is virtually his co-author.

3. How is this author considered a philosopher?

The author is a philosopher and has been handed down, or elevated depending upon one's point of view, to part and parcel of any Western tradition of philosophy that one finds. He is viewed as having been the most prominent thinker who's native language was English in the 19th century.

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