Objects & Places from On Killing

Dave Grossman (author)
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Lake Wobegon - This is a fictional town created on Prairie Home Companion.

Washington Post Newspaper - The author refers to this during the introduction to show extreme anti-killing ideologies that are part of the confluence of influences in contemporary American society.

Black Powder muskets - These items are used in the text as proof that soldiers are disinclined to shoot in battle.

M-16 - These items are used internationally, but are recognizable as belonging to American troops throughout the world.

AK-47 - This is an alternative to the preferred weapon of the US military.

Green Beret - This is a specialized type of American fighting sub-group.

Phalanx - This was a new form of tight military formation used in the ancient world.

Pub - This was designed to make it so that work colleagues, neighbors and the like could get together even though the norm was...

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