Daily Lessons for Teaching On Killing

Dave Grossman (author)
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Lesson 1

Objective: In the first several chapters of ON KILLING, Grossman expounds on how inter-species combat is more complex than simply fight-so-flight. When two adversaries are on the same link of the food-chain, they can engage in increasingly refined combat. The objective of this lesson is to understand the four options open to soldiers in combat.

1. For class discussion: As a class, review Grossman's explanation of the situations in which fight-or-flight is the only option to an animal in combat. What other two options does a soldier have on a battle field, and why does he have them? Why can an animal in combat with another higher on the food chain not submit or posture? What would happen to the person who submits or postures in such a situation?

2. Divide the class into four groups and assign each of the combat options listed by Grossman in Chapter 1: fight...

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