On Killing Character Descriptions

Dave Grossman (author)
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Dave Grossman - This individual was a professor with the University of Arkansas in military science.

Ben Shalit - This individual does extensive research into the role of women in the Israeli military.

Lord Moran - This individual was a medical professional in World War I.

Anonymous Sergeant of the 101st Airborne - This individual served in a killing role in World War II before working as a medic in Korea and Vietnam.

King Sennacherib of Assyria - This character orders his soldiers to completely annihilate their foreign targets, both military and civilian.

John Keegan - This individual is the first-listed author of the book Soldiers.

Richard Holmes - This individual is the second-listed author of the book Soldiers.

Richard Heckler - This individual is one source for the idea of the fight or flight response cited early in the book.

Ardant du Picq - This individual...

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