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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Draco's men tell Blofeld's men they are investigating?
(a) Fraud claims
(b) A Secret Agents murder
(c) A disappearance
(d) The trouble on Christmas Eve

2. What French city does Bond fly to?
(a) Lens
(b) Marseilles
(c) Paris
(d) Monaco

3. What does Bond dictate to Goodnight?
(a) A letter
(b) A memo
(c) A story
(d) A report

4. Who does the guard say they are coming for in ten minutes?
(a) Campbell
(b) Ruby
(c) Bond
(d) Blofeld

5. What animal was Ruby allergic to?
(a) Cows
(b) Sheep
(c) Chickens
(d) Turkeys

6. What are the people celebrating at the skating rink?
(a) A marriage
(b) New Years
(c) Independence
(d) Christmas

7. What does Bond use as invisible ink?
(a) Water
(b) Flem
(c) Pus
(d) Urine

8. What did M think the Russians were using hypnosis for?
(a) Army training
(b) Police training
(d) Space training

9. What does Bond think is the perfect cover for the gunfire?
(a) A motor race
(b) The fireworks
(c) A gun competition
(d) A gun party

10. What does Tracy disguise Bond in?
(a) A mask
(b) A parka
(c) A blanket
(d) A woman's dress

11. What kind of treatment is the clinic using?
(a) Hydrotherapy
(b) Primal scream
(c) Hypnosis
(d) Psychoanalysis

12. What room does Ruby lead Bond into?
(a) The hallway
(b) The dining room
(c) The bathroom
(d) The lounge

13. What kind of pudding do Bond and M eat?
(a) Cherry
(b) Cream
(c) Apricot
(d) Plum

14. What does Draco's men paint the helicopter with?
(a) Red crosses
(b) Random words
(c) Blue circles
(d) Religious signs

15. Who supports Bond through a dance?
(a) Irma
(b) Ruby
(c) Tracy
(d) Draco

Short Answer Questions

1. What awkward question does Ruby ask Bond?

2. What does Bond have an anxiety dream about?

3. Where does Bond have to meet M?

4. What is Franklin an expert in?

5. What company does Campbell want Bond to confirm he works at?

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