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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the captured agent?
(a) Paul Jacks
(b) Jacob Arnold
(c) Shaun Campbell
(d) Hilary Bray

2. Whose helicopter does Bond see leaving the mountain?
(a) Blofeld's
(b) Draco's
(c) M's
(d) Irma Bunt's

3. What reason does Bond give Ruby for leaving so soon?
(a) He has tickets for a soccer game
(b) He has deadline to complete
(c) He is a disruptive influence
(d) He misses his wife

4. What city do Tracy and Bond drive to?
(a) Zurich
(b) Munich
(c) Rome
(d) Geneva

5. What language does Bond speak to the guard in?
(a) Spanish
(b) French
(c) Italian
(d) German

6. Who does Draco promise to help Bond capture?
(a) Blofeld
(b) Ruby
(c) Jordis Seiler
(d) Irma Bunt

7. What is Bond's pursuer killed by?
(a) An arrow
(b) A bus
(c) An avalanche
(d) A train

8. What does M enjoy painting?
(a) Guns
(b) Women
(c) Strawberries
(d) Orchids

9. Why does Ruby lead Bond into the bathroom?
(a) The rooms are bugged
(b) She wants to wash him
(c) She wants to be alone with him
(d) She wants to show him her scars

10. What does Bond ask Tracy in this chapter?
(a) If she will kiss him
(b) If she will lend him money
(c) If she will marry him
(d) If she will kill Blofeld

11. What is Franklin an expert in?
(a) Infectious diseases
(b) Pest control
(c) Wheat
(d) Traffic control

12. What company does Campbell want Bond to confirm he works at?
(a) Oxford Press
(b) Universal Export
(c) British Gas
(d) Swiss Airlines

13. Whose room does Bond sneak into?
(a) Ruby's
(b) Blofeld's
(c) Daisy's
(d) Irma's

14. What city is the Secret Service operative from?
(a) Geneva
(b) Zurich
(c) Berlin
(d) Paris

15. What kind of treatment is the clinic using?
(a) Psychoanalysis
(b) Primal scream
(c) Hydrotherapy
(d) Hypnosis

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bond pull out of the plum pudding?

2. What is Agent 501 an expert in?

3. What kind of pudding do Bond and M eat?

4. What subject does Bond work all day on?

5. Which of the following is not part of the bob sled track?

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