On Her Majesty's Secret Service Character Descriptions

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James Bond, Agent 007 - He is a fantasy character, living not in the real world, but in a world of masculine daydreams. In his world, the thrill of danger outweighs the path of safety.

La Comtesse Teresa di Vincenzo (Tracy) - She married a man who ran off with her money and left her with a child. She seemed happy for a while until her child died of spinal meningitis.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld - At the beginning of the novel, Bond believes that he is dead, but he soon finds out that he has bought a peak in the Alps and is re-forming SPECTRE.

Marc-Ange Draco (The Capu) - Bond and this character become instant friends when they meet, although he has Bond brought to him by force.

Mary Goodnight - There's a pool among the Secret Service about who will bed her, but Bond has dropped...

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