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Chapter 1, Seascape with Figures

• James Bond is vacationing in the south of France and watching a woman.

• Bond thinks that only he and the woman are on the beach, but unknown to him, two suspicious looking men sit at a cafe watching him.

• Bond calls to the woman whose name is Tracy. He tells her he is worried about her.
• Before Bond can say anything else to Tracy, two men come up behind him and stick a gun in his back.

• The two men usher Tracy and Bond onto a boat and set sail.

Chapter 2, Gran Turismo

• One day before the abduction, Bond is driving down a French roadway, thinking about the letter of resignation he had handed to his employers at the British Secret Service.

• Bond had been trying to track down the master criminal, Ernst Blofeld, but believing him dead, he soon became tired of the...

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